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Updating my PE situation

Updating my PE situation

It has been over a couple of months since I last posted here but I thought I would stop by and update everyone on where I currently stand with PE. Back around May I started the Newbie routine. Prior to me becoming interested in PE I had a drunken hookup with a girl I had liked for a long time and she turned me down after giving me head for a minute or two. She never came out and said it was because I was too small but a friend of hers accidentally let it slip one day when I was talking to her (I already knew this was the case but the confirmation made it hurt even worse). I started the Newbie Routine and kept with it for 3 months. I gradually increased the intensity of the workouts and even used an extender for an hour or two a day to help supplement my gains. Well, 3 months later and I gained absolutely nothing except an even more prominent turkey neck which now causes my left testicle to hang slightly higher than my right one. As a result of this, my flaccid penis now hangs slightly to the left after being straight my entire life. It was at this time I decided that PE was not right for me.

Flash forward to a couple of days ago and me and that girl from the previous experience are hanging out at the bar. It is important to note that I have lost around 25 pounds of fat and put on almost 10 pounds of muscle. Despite my slightly below average penis size I can say with a some confidence that I now look pretty damn good. Anyways, as the bar closed she asked if I wanted to come over to her place and watch a movie. We of course ended up having sex. The next day I saw the same friend of hers that initially broke the news that I was to small for her but this time she actually showed me the text this girl sent after we had sex. Well, apparently size didn’t matter as much this time because she was just bitching about all the months of sex we could have been having if she hadn’t turned me down in the first place.

The whole reason I even wrote this is to say that in no way am I attempting to say that people shouldn’t PE. It is quite obvious it works for a lot of you out there and truth be told maybe I just needed to spend more time on the exercises to see results. However, there are many more important things in life than how big your dick is. So for people in the same boat as me really think about it before you decide you want to jump into PE. Focus on getting in shape and working on your grades or a career first because those are much more important than how big your dick is. If you truly feel like PE is right for you then by all means go ahead and do it. I am sure most of the gainers on here do not regret their decisions to PE and the commitment it takes to see solid gains.

06/10/2012: EL = 4 inches / BPEL = 4.75 inches / EG = 5 inches (mid shaft)

Short Term Goal : EL = 4.5 inches / BPEL = 5.25 inches / EG = 5.25 inches

Long Term Goal: EL = 6 inches / BPEL = 6.5 inches / EG = 5.75 inches

Well said.

Many years ago a girl said to me that I was small. We were together about a year and she told me after 12 months. This ruined my world. She was the love of my life. I broke up with her after a month. I had serious problem after that. I went with woman again after 2 years. I went to doctors, I messed up my brain hard. Well after two years with serious problems I went to gym, I made relationships, now I found PE and iam feeling very good

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