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Update and Questions please :

Update and Questions please :

Ok so I’ve been following the PE routines for almost 1 week now and not going to say that it’s not working because patience is the key However I have been trying different routine simply to try and get comfortable with 2-3 of them.

1- Wet Jelq: technique that I’m still trying to get used to and not very positive on the results :(
Ok read many different posts and not really sure what is the correct answer:
Must I be 50% erect ? Or can I start jelqing with lube from the get go until I get 50-75% erect ?

2- Simple manual stretches:
So far so good following routines and exercises not forcing too much on it just taking baby steps.
Curious to know as to what this exercise increases length or ?

3- Inverted V stretch A stretch
I would probably say this is my favorite exercise , although I tend to lose the grip of the head I really like
This exercise. However I don’t really know what it helps enlarging . :(

Tips advice are most appreciated :)

Wet jelq is pretty much a stable technique that everyone here will tell is part of their previous or current routines. I stretch first to get the blood flowing, and then immediately afterward, I jelq. I start out with whatever level of erection post stretching gives me and go from there. I know where 75% is on me, so I know when to slow down or to stop altogether to keep my piece under control. I think your level of erection is really just personal choice, but from what I gathered here, the less hard you are, the more likely you are to gain length-wise.

As for stretching, it is mainly only a length exercise that focuses on the ligaments attached to your penis, and stretching slowly stretches them out, resulting in length increase.


Thank you so much I guess I’m going to stick with the manual stretches seen that I was originally aiming for length :)

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