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Update and a few questions

Update and a few questions

Hey everyone,

It’s been 3 weeks since I started PE. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any permanent gains yet. However, I swear I saw a .25” gain in erect length after first week. I measured a bunch of times too; maybe I was hallucinating. Anyways, I have some questions that I hope haven’t been covered yet.

1. After I finish my routine, I usually turn on some porn and edge as close to cumming as possible. I do this to get alot of blood flowing down there. I know masturbating 5 hours before/after PE is bad but will edging also be considered bad? I get close enough that I can feel the cum flowing into my dick.

2. Alot of early posts say heat throughout PE is good so I usually wrap my dick in a heat pad after every stretch. Also, this ensures I am completely flaccid and get a really nice stretch. However, some recent posts claim it is better to alternate between warm and cold. Any comments on that?

Thanks everyone. Even though I didn’t see any gains, I know they will come. 3 weeks is still early but I am so excited to see gains, I can’t help but measure every day. Keeping my hopes up =).

Hi D-Alpha,

Many seem to think the masterbation after PE doesnt seem to make much difference: Does masterbation after PE inhibit gains?

I edge after PE, yeah its just seems logical to get the blood flowing, and it might make you last longer in the sack too. It seems like you know what you are doing!

I haven’t tried the hot and cold thing so I can’t answer that one, sorry.

Melv :)

Thanks melvin! I don’t feel so bad now. And now, here are some more questions:

1. People claims their unit is bigger after a jelqing/stretching session but I feel mine is actually smaller :confused: . Is that normal or an indictication I am doing something wrong?

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