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unusual results.

unusual results.

Well I hung all day at work with about 2 lbs of weights. I took it off for an hour and reattached the two lbs and went to a wedding. I kept a close eye on it all day and night for color and temperature and it looked ok. at 9:00 PM I took it off and I it looked like a little worm (i started hanging at 5:00 am). I had to get up early the next morning so I went to bed and initiated a fowfer while I slept. I woke up for a glass of water at midnight and when I walked out to the kitchen (naked) my wife saw me and called me to the couch. I looked down and had the largest and longest flacid penis I have ever had in my life. She said “go back to bed, I am coming in right now” and proceeded to give me amazing sex.

It was odd it went from a little worn out “worm” to a massive piece of meat in only a few hours. Anyone had this happen before. The only other thing I did was horse 440s. I did a few sets at work flacid while at the urinal, and right before I went to bed. No pumping or jelqing for the last two days. However, I have been hanging the last few days. The last two days has been the first two days off I have taken since I started on 10/22/09.

If I wear warm flannel boxers under my pajama bottoms I’ll wake up and have a long hanger.

Immediately after intense exercise the penis tends to ‘turtle’ giving you the little worm. Later on, once it’s gotten over the horrible things you’ve done to it, it unturtles. The warmth of your bed would also facilitate it to resume a large size.

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