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Unorthadox techniques.


Unorthadox techniques.

Hey all, long time reader first time poster.

I wouldn’t really say I’m a newbie to PE, but for some reason I cannot post in the main forum, so am posting here :)

I’ve been doing this for several months now and have developed a few techniques (that I couldn’t find on the forum anyway) that I would like to get peoples feedback on.

I don’t know how effective they are as I don’t do them often & rarely measure my penis, but I would be interested to hear peoples opinions on these..

1) When jelqing, I use my right hand and jelq slowly to the right and stretch (so my penis is almost touching my thigh) The I grab the base with the left hand, move the penis to the left and do it again. Back & forth for several reps of 50. While doing this I can feel pressure at the left & right side of the base.

2) While clamping, I kegel as much blood in as possible, and then proceed to gently ‘flick’ the chaft up and down each side. This causes slight bruising & tissue damage, which is then (in theory) rapidly healed by my regular dose of arginine. Making it stronger when repaired & possibly leading to growth.?

3) While sitting on my couch, I stretch my penis as far down as it will go, then place it between my legs and sit on it (so my penis is snuggled between my buttcheeks) This has a number of effects: It causes blood to pool in the penis, it causes the penis to become extremely warm, and stretches the penis as well as the balls (which have to be pulled up).

Anyway, let me know what you think, I would be interested to hear if anyone thinks theres any potential in any of these as my knowledge of penis anatomy is fairly limited, and I’m not sure if these excersizes would do more harm than good :)


Check the second line of the post?

“I wouldn’t really say I’m a newbie to PE, but for some reason I cannot post in the main forum, so am posting here “

So we read every post and if a new member says he is not a PE newbie, we give him full forum access then? OK, got it.

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You will never know how effective they are until you start measuring, no matter what anyone says about them.

1) Sounds like you are sort of combining stretching and jelqing. Maybe saving time, but how effective, I don’t know.

2) The only thing that this sounds like it leads to is pain. Bruising your penis does not make it grow.

3) This exercise has been discussed here and there (BTC). I think it is a good stretch.


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Thanks GM. Did the Cubs really win the Series?


You truly are a wise old man. I should have realized that I had no hope of fooling you at all with my amateurish Photoshop antics. No, like yourself, I prefer motorsport. NASCAR, to be exact. Heck, when I was in Vegas last year, I even stayed at the Sahara, just to be close to the world famous NASCAR cafe.

I’ve managed to catch a race or two in my time, also, most notably last years Pennsylvania 500. Here’s a pic, just for you.


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#1 sounds like a good variation of the jelq/stretch.

#2 sounds dangerous and I wouldn’t mess with the glans like that.

#3 is a fowfer/lazy-ass/btc stretch? Anyway, it has been discussed and some guys have reported gains.

Good luck with your gains.

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C’mon Thunder. How can you not enjoy 30 cars driving around the same track again and again and again and again….

Sorry to you NASCAR fans. Doing it is one thing, but watching it, ehhhhh, ranks right up there with underwater basket-weaving.


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Sorry Gingseng. Didn’t mean to hijack your thread.

Thats ok Thunder - tis your forum :) guess I shouldave read up on the forum rules a bit more before moaning about not being able to post in main forum.

Anyway it was interesting to hear peoples opinions on these techniques, I’m off to see what I can find on this ‘lazy-ass’ (great name for it) stretch :D

Thanks thunder, it seems the fowfer is generally good for increasing flacid length, so I think ill incorporate these into my routine.

If anyone else has any opinions on the other routines please feel free to share them :)


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