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Uneven girth

Uneven girth

How do you prevent your penis from having uneven girth?
By that I mean, jelqing usually increases girth from the middle of the shaft up to the head. How do you increase the girth around the base of the penis? I don’t want a baseball bat shaped penis. It is probably floppy since the base is thinner.

I have jelqed before for about a month or so like 5 years ago and it definitely works. The girl I am seeing right now wishes it was bigger, so I am starting to jelq again.
I don’t know all the acronyms for penis measurements, but here are mine:
Length - 5.25 in
Girth - 4.25
All measured while erect. I want to increase it to a solid 7in length and 6in girth.

My girth around the middle and up is thicker than the base. Not hugely different, but I am afraid it will become worse if I keep doing PE.

Any help?

Hey, from what I know and read, to avoid the baseball bat look your erection while you jelq needs to stay consistant and the same throughout the exercise. If you want more girth, again from what I’ve read you need to jelq with a higher erection, about 85% is what I target.

Ok, sounds good. I had the same idea in mind. Thanks for your input

Is there any special grip or exercise that I should do to help it out?

I find the overhand grip is the best. I like to also kegel some blood into my penis as I alternate strokes from my left hand to my right (I hope that makes sense).

I also sit down on a chair. I like to watch porno when I jelq at a higher erection level, I find it helps to keep it hard; if you get too hard just change the channel or look away from your monitor for a moment.

Consistency of your erection level is really important. Also, I use a cup to warm up, it is much better than a towel. Always warm up for five to ten minutes and warm down for ten minutes; fifteen if it was really intense. If your water gets cold re-pour it. I only have been doing this since Feb. 14, 08, so I am new too. I think I gained a sixteenth of a inch in girth so far, about the same in length; I stretch on rest days. About the exercise to do, just jelq for now, but jelq at 85%. Also, adjust your grip as you stoke, don’t squeeze too hard; use your intuition and you will be ok.

Thanks mr.t

So warmups before and after are really important huh?

If you don’t do warmups/warmdowns your dick will be riddled with red spots. It prevents injury. Plus it might help you get gains quicker. It relaxes the skin at a cellular level, thus making the skin easier to stretch (in theory).

Another tip: if your girl wishes your dick was bigger, tell her to go find a bigger one. You don’t need that kind of bullshit, life is hard enough already.

^^ Hahaha. She didn’t say it like that. She is not giving me a hard time by any means.

Originally Posted by jung85
Ok, sounds good. I had the same idea in mind. Thanks for your input

Is there any special grip or exercise that I should do to help it out?

Also when you jelq make sure you are starting as low as you possibly can. I manage to jelq part of it that is below the “base”. I dig my fingers into my fat pad with the over hand grip. I also pause a moment right when I first take the grip. I really think this helps prevent so much baseball bat effect. But if I end up with a big dick that is shaped like a baseball bat, so be it!

You may need to make sure you are measuring “bone pressed” if you want to accurately track growth.

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

Goal: Double digits

Thanks for the advice chrono!

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