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Uncircumsized question

Uncircumsized question

Hi everyone,

First post here! And I actually just had my first workout, I hope there are many good things to come (slowly, I know). I’ve lurked around here for a while but decided that in order to really get serious about PE I should become a proactive part of the community. I look forward to keeping you guys updated on my progress.

Anywho, I’m not circumsized so I have a skin issue to deal with when jelqing. My question is this.. Do I need to pull the skin back off of my glans before every stroke? Or is it ok to jelq with the skin over my glans? As of right now I hold one hand at the base of my penis with an OK grip to keep blood in, and jelq slowly with the other hand. However resetting my skin every stroke makes it complicated and I lose grip with the other hand so I just feel like it’s inefficient and inconsistent.

What are your thoughts?


do whatever feels good and puts some pressure in the penis without causing pain.


You can jelq with the skin over your glans.

Have you seen the videos here that show that?

Wet Jelq Video
Dry Jelq Video

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Originally Posted by xxhelderxx
As of right now I hold one hand at the base of my penis with an OK grip to keep blood in, and jelq slowly with the other hand.

This is an advanced technique for girth if I’m not mistaken.
Should you be doing this?
I’m not sure, you might want to ask a senior member or something.

I’m also uncircumcised and I don’t find jelqing in-affective. I usually pull my skin back over the glans to get my OK grip around the base. Then as I jelq forward the skin slowly pulls up to where it would natural sit.
I think this is the common technique for the uncircumcised PE participant.

I hope that helps?
Have fun.

Uncircumsiced here. You can jelq with the foreskin over then glans if you wish, it’s all personal preference. If its bothering you so much pull the skin back.

Have you tried kegeling before every stroke? It sends more blood to your unit before you stroke so it makes holding the base with your second hand redundant.

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Like those above have said just do what feels most comfortable. I usually put my skin back a bit (not fully back) and then jelq. You just need to feel that your shaft is getting fully worked and stretched, as long as that is happening it doesn’t really matter.

Wow thanks for all the helpful responses guys! I’ll be sure to refine my technique based on what you guys said and keep you posted as results come in- I know, it’ll be a while haha.

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