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Ultrasound gel is a great jelqing lube

Ultrasound gel is a great jelqing lube

Hi guys,

I recently got back into PE after a few years of a break (I quit my porn addiction and suddenly found myself with too much time and not enough dick in my hands) and since I’ve been a member of this site for almost 10 years but haven’t contributed much (hell, I still can’t post in the Main Member forum), I wanted to share my latest discovery with you:

Ultrasound gel makes a great jelqing lube!

If you don’t know what ultrasound gel is, it’s the medium that’s placed on your skin during ultrasonographic procedures to make the US head slide on the skin easily. You can buy it in pharmacies or medical supply stores.

That thing is:

A) dirt cheap (the prices can vary depending on brand and country, but here in Poland you can buy a 0.5l/17oz bottle for equivalence of less than a dollar; it is also sold in huge, 5l/170oz bottles),
B) water-based and totally safe for skin and clothes (neutral pH, non-allergic, chemically passive, non-staining, odorless),
C) sticks to the skin, doesn’t drip off,
D) provides great lubrication (it does wear off faster than oil-based lubes but since it’s so cheap you can re-apply it many times during your session),
E) insanely easy to clean off with just water. In fact, you can just wipe it off with a towel and it doesn’t get ruined. That’s probably its best feature for me, since I always hated having to take a shower after a jelqing session with a baby oil and still find my dick, pants and hands all greasy afterwards.

Give it a try if you have a chance!

Hmm, I work in a pharmacy and we have a tub on the shelf. I don’t know about using it. It looks so gluey.

I guess they make it gluey/thick to prevent dripping and spilling all over but it’s very easy to distribute and provides a pretty good lubrication.

Thanks, I will definitely give it a try. Though for now dry jelqing is my favourite.

Another good lube is mixing half teaspoon of xantham gum, a teaspoon of glicerine and 100ml of water. It’s save and doesn’t wear off too fast.

It’s always good to see a fellow Polish member not many of us here.

Start: 8 BPEL- 7.5 NBPEL - 5.5 midEG

Current: 8.6 BPEL - 8 NBPEL - 5.8 midEG

I wish You all kinds of gains!

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