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Dry jelqing same results as wet jelqing

Dry jelqing same results as wet jelqing


I just want to know if I will get the same workout from MY dry jelqs as I would from wet jelqs -

When I dry jelq I am uncut by the way.
I put a little Vaseline on the head, so my foreskin slides over the head easily and I don’t put any lube on the shaft at all.
I pull the skin back and jelq the whole shaft from bottom to the head then change hands, and I kegel and hold before each jelq.

I know this is the same as wet jelqing but without the lube -
*So will it work the length and the girth as wet jelqs do ?*

I have try-ed wet jelqing but I just don’t get a good pump as I do with dry jelqing, and it just don’t feel right.

I have read about people on this board get some great gains in length and girth doing jelqs, but they all seam to be doing wet jelqs, I’m hoping my style of drys will give the same results.


Well, from my experience I find that dry jelqs are more intense then wet, so I would say that dry target girth more. Also from reading here I learned that for cut guys dry jelqing is rather tough.

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Yeah I think your right that dry jelqs are tough for guys that are cut.

That’s why I’m sure I find them really good because I’m Uncut,

Dry-jelqs give a bit less skin grow than wets, and are more effective for girth than for length.

Really even the way I do them ?
I read that with normal dry jelqs you only go half way up the shaft with one hand and then switch hands.

I thought the way I am doing them is the same as wet jelqs.

They are however more intense and I get a good pump from doing these- is that why they are better for girth ? As far as length goes I don’t see why they won’t be as good as wet jelqs.

I do feel a decent stretch in the ligs when doing these with about a 50% erection, although I usually have about 70 - 90%.
Would doing these at 50% be good for length and girth ?

I have a problem with dry jelq, I am cut. I have found that my hair seems to be coming up the shaft. I believe it is becaue of dry jelqing. Has anyone else noticed this?

Ya I have hair going up my shaft to, all I do is dry jelqs, I think it’s because the skin is stretching further up the shaft along with the hair follicles.

It doesn’t seem like much of a deal to me, I’m getting good gains, and all I do is shave the hair whenever needed.

What erection level do you use for dry jelqs?


I’m cut and I’m not able to do dry jelqs.

Hasn’t hindered my gains but I would like to be able to say, in 4 or 5 years time, that I’ve tried every single pe exercise there is and can eliminate those which don’t work for me and keep those that do for a super effective routine to end all routines.

Dry jelqs on cut guys seems to be a no-go zone.


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I’m uncut. I discovered dry jelqing yesterday thanks to Firegoat who suggested I chuck some in between stretches.

Simply put, they are extremely effective for me, and much more convenient.

They also seem to work by a completely different mechanism to wet jelqs. I’m not one of the guys who’s gonna do heaps of research on this mechanism (someone please do!) but to me it seems like a dry jelq squeezes the blood through the penis from the bottom up. So the blood is being forced upwards by an upwards force. Wet jelqs feel more like a constant diagonal force is forcing the blood to the sides and upwards also, creating a completely different feel. In terms of growth and PE I’m not sure how this would make any difference.

I’ve read several of the dry jelqing threads, it seems that dry jelqing is supposedly better for girth, can someone tell me why? The way I do it, when I reach the head I basically have a very tight, almost tourniquet grip which I can then use for a brief stretch (when erect at about 30-50%).

That’s the other benefit. Dry jelqing, it seems, can be performed at much lower levels of erection than wet jelqing and still be, I think, useful, due to the different way in which they function.

I will continue to do both. Dry jelqs for 5 or so minutes throughout the day whenever I gets me a chance. And wet jelqs for 15-25m at night.

You can solve the hair problem by using a trimmer to shorten the hair. I do this every 2 weeks or so. It’s painless, no uncomfortable regrowth, you don’t accidentally cut your balls, and looks good I think.


I have discovered that with dry jelqing I can engorge my glans so strongly it becomes so hard there’s almost no give at all if I poke it with the other hand. It’s bordering on painful. Even stretches the foreskin.

My penis gets less girthy the further from the base. I wonder if this will help me get some girth in the glans.

Has anyone had such an experience?

Ouch! Dry jelqs hurt like a bitch! And I’m completely shaven.

Yea, I have seen some good gains in glans girth from doing dry jelqs especially if I hold my grip at the top for a couple of seconds.

Originally Posted by Number76
Yea, I have seen some good gains in glans girth from doing dry jelqs especially if I hold my grip at the top for a couple of seconds.

Awesome. :)

What’s your routine like?

At the moment I’m just doing a couple of minutes every time I go to the bathroom. For some reason dry jelqing gets me hard really easily (and wet jelqing makes me softer without porn).

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