Uli's routine question

There is a link to this: Uli’s Routine .

I was thinking about this routine and comparing it to my experience (small, but I’ve got some) in PE, doing a routine similar to Uli’s can make long-term gains in both girth and length.

This is my conception:
5min warm-up
10min V-stretch
15min dry jelqs with squeezes and modified Uli#3
ended with good erection (You can call it 2-3min edging). It is every day routine, so quite exhausting, but no rest days works for me so far.

Feel free to post Your opinions as good as experience from similar routines. I’m planning to change mine to this mentioned above, but due to lack of time there is no chance before July.

Another question is: has anyone done original Uli’s routine? How long and how much have You gained?

I know this is old-school PE. DO it every day, only manual, no changes in routine for several months, etc. On the other hand, this idea fits me best. For the first 3-4 months I’ve gained almost nothing and I think experimenting a lot could cause it.

Your opinion and experience can be really helpful.