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Hey man I thought you approved of the idea of “going with the flow.” Just not with threads I guess?

Wow.. It really is amazing how quickly everyone here can turn against someone.

Mr.Happy said;

Originally Posted by a-unit
It would seem that some are uncomfortable with a young man’s success. Good for you son, just be careful with your victory.

Most people here admire your achievement, but in the real world people despise the exceptional and will plan to tear you down because of it.
Well, a-unit is doing his part here on Thunder’s Place and speaking for everyone - or at least most people.

Thing is, we have so many thousands of members that I think there’s a good chance he’s not, in fact, speaking for most people. He’d be safer therefore if he just spoke for himself and let people agree with him - or not.

What I see going on here isn’t anyone being uncomfortable or even seeking to tear anyone down. Rather it’s the same thing goes on any time someone comes here and posts statistics that are on the high end of the high end with a vague story about the PE process that was used: skepticism.

The other thing is, there are certain rules here. If you blow them off, or pretend they aren’t important, you are in effect saying that you don’t think the rules apply to you; but here’s the thing with that: if you don’t want the rules to apply to you, then maybe you don’t really want to be a member here.

So, are you saying that most here don’t admire his achievement?

From what I’ve seen here, most people, especially those making gains, are encouraging of those who have similar successes and feel I perfectly safe generalizing about what one would reasonably assume when reading and commenting here for any length of time.

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This thread is now about badgers.


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