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Foreskin and two weeks of using extender

Foreskin and two weeks of using extender


I was wondering if you guys could help me out.

Two weeks ago, I bought a Penimaster. Being uncircumcised, there were some common problems with attaching it. I started off by not pulling back the foreskin but as I read more about it, it was advised to really pull it back. So I did this in the second week.
Between these sessions, I jelq in order to change things a bit / doing PC-exercises.

After two weeks, I began to notice some changes. But where I am worried about it that my foreskin begins to cover my glans in flaccid state. Also, it seems that the foreskin is longer that it used to be overall. While searching, I couldn’t find a clear topic about it. Is this temporary or should I see this as permanent for the future? I also notice that the skin is much more loose if it gets pulled back.

Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it.


It’s a noose style?

I dont understand why you should be worried about your skin covering your glans. Thats whats its meant to do. Skin is adaptive organ so by streching it I suppose it could get larger. I think I have same issue after using about 6 months my extender but I dont see it as a negative thing. If you are going to get a bigger penis then your skin shoud cover bigger area anyway.

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Marinera, thanks. It’s a noose-style. I use first-aid bandage to wrap.

Aftershock, thanks. The skin used to cover less of the glans. After two weeks and one week of resting to see how this developed, it’s still covering the glans. I am just worried that if I continue, the foreskin will not just cover the glans, but that there will be too much of it.

It’s now going from a healthy foreskin to one with a changed texture. The top of the foreskin became ”fatter” too. I just hope that this is normal or it will fade away over time.

Thanks in advance!

Ok, two possible things could have happened there :
a) when you attached the noose without pulling back your forsekin, you stretched the foreskin; now that you are using the extender in the correct way, your skin will not stretch anymore;

b) if you noticed the foreskin growth after using the extender in the right way (foreskin back), then what you are noticing is a bit of turtling: it’s not your foreskin growing, it’s your penis shrinking (temporarily) due to too much tension - ease up.

So said, I’d suggest buying a comfort strap or vac-cap part to use with your extender, since many people seems to find trouble with noose styles.

Thank you Marinera, that explains a lot!

It’s still a hell of a job to get this on without having discolourization after 5 minutes. Would you suggest the vac-cap over the comfort strap? I have no experience with this. I guess you mean the one from the Autoextender-website?

Grazie mille! :-)

Discoloration? If you mean your glans turning darker, that’s not discoloration but reduction in blood flow - another sign that you are using way too much tension.

I don’t onw any commercial extender, but from what I’ve read the most comfortable is the vac-style; the sells parts that can be used with the penimaster - if you want to be sure before buying anything email the Autoxtender’ website owner (which should be monkeybar, a member of TP, if my memory isn’t betraying me).

Thanks Marinera. I will look into this.

The problem is, I hardly get the pressure of the PM for 1 bar. I need to use the screws to get one bar of pressure.

I am already regretting buying the PM. After two weeks, I’ve never had it on comfortably, only getting reductions in blood flow. I used all kinds of material to strap it on. I followed all the instructions in the manual but it seems I’m only making it’s health worse.

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