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Two Month Update


Two Month Update

Well, the tale-of-the-tape is down there in my signature. Apparently I’m still “gaining”. The reason I put “gaining” up there in quotes is that I’ve been wondering just how much of this initial bump is basically due to recovering super strong, teenager style erections- sort of like making up lost ground. I suppose it’s just my analytical/scientific reasoning side creeping into this little experiment. Only thing is, while my erection are certainly stronger, I didn’t necessarily have a rager for this last measurement. Indeed, a few days before this measure I took a stealthy mid-fuck measure while banging my girl from behind and pulled 6.5” BPEL. I chalked it up to passionate measuring, but now I think it may have been accurate at the time.

Anyway, I do know this: this measure represents the absolute MAX conceivable gains which might be due to recovering my lost boyhood wang. Anything up from here will be sheer joy because I know damn good and well I’ve never pulled a 6.5” measure on ANY self inflicted boner I’ve ever had. I would also consider myself at the ceiling of “hopeful measuring”. Assuming that some of my “gains” have been from ramming the ruler in harder or stretching my dick out longer…..well, assuming that, there’s just NO WAY I’m going to be able to tease any more favorable measurements out of my cock. If I gain from here it aint coming from measuring and it aint “dick recovery”- It’ll be pure, unmitigated, GROWTH.

When I am able to pull a 6.5”BPEL measure I’m donating to the forums because at that point I will have my own personal rock solid confirmation that I’m on my way down a path that leads to a truly bigger dick.

Now that’s the skeptical side. On the joyous, hopeful, and realistic side, well, it *looks bigger*. I’m always 4” flaccid now (at least) and my dick definitely looks heavier no matter what state it’s in. I’ve also had a couple raging (unmeasured) boners when fucking my girl that frankly astounded me. I also love the veins that are starting to pop out on my dick. I no longer sweat whether or not some hung guy might look over at my dick in the urinal for a comparison. Whatever, let him look- it’s not a shame thing anymore, it’s a slightly mean looking, perfectly healthy and average dick- and amen to that!

My girl has also noted a difference in my dick lately and is much fonder than usual of checking it out and looking at it- I, of course, don’t mind that a bit.

I have started to discolor a little bit and I basically chalked that up to a ten day period where I neglected my rice sock. If it turns out that I’m just susceptible to discoloration I frankly don’t care. The dick is worth it and the work that some of the boys are doing with salycilic is *encouraging* to say the least. Since I’ve been rice socking the unit before and after It appears to be holding steady.

I also got a slight injury and had to take a week off so whatever progress I made this month was made in spite of this off time. There’s still a remnant sensation of the injury, but it’s going away quickly and steadily since I started applying a special medicated oil to the injury and massaging it in. the injury was basically just a sore spot with an associated knot. Knot is gone. Soreness has gone down from a 6 to about a 2. No biggie.

I’m currently 3 on and 1 off. I do the newbie routine plus some Mantak Chia style stretches/pulls and hang 5 pounds about 3 days a week for an hour. I also wear 4 golf swing weights when I get around to it- maybe two to three hours a week.

The next couple measures are going to be the one’s I’m really waiting to see. I’m preparing myself to work both hard and smart to keep the gains coming.

Good luck to you all! peace.

THEN: bpel 6.0 eg 5.0 bpfsl 6.125 NOW: bpel 7.375 eg 5.25 bpfsl 7.625


"Right now our only hope is in the hydrogen bomb." - Charles Bukowski

Originally Posted by wantsmore
Mantak Chia style stretches/pulls

Please explain?

That’s good progress, Wantsmore! Congrats on the gains and stuff.

"Debate the idea..."

Good post WS! I’m with you. PE certainly does seem to strengthen ones erections. Congrats on your progress (really nice girth increase)!

Nice gains, wantsmore!You and me actually started at the same time with almost identical measurements:) (you are killing me in girth, though).How about a competition?Who gains more in a year?:) Just kidding…Your concern that your gains are just your regained strong boners might have some ground, but not entirely, I don’t think, ‘cause I never saw a decrease of erections or any “loss” of my dick( I am 25), but still gained 0.5” in BPEL.

Good job , wantsmore.

Happy gaining to you :)

Stats(11-01-05):6'' BPEL x 4.56'' EG 12-01-05 :6.35'' BPEL x 4.56" EG 01-01-06 :6.5'' BPEL x 4.63'' EG 5-month goal: 6.75'' BPEL x 5'' EG Final goal: 8.25'' BPEL x 6.25'' EG

Congratulations wantsmore!

Makes me wanting more, too. That keeps me confident about my own future progress.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.


Your stats are similar to mine - See you at 7” !!

johnsonwax: Mantak Chia is this tai’ chi/chi-gung master guy who’s got a couple books about “sexual chi gung” for men and women. Google him and you’ll get info. In one of his books he’s got a small section on “lengthening the penis”. His exercises are basically stretches combined with manual clamping while kegeling. He gives a lot of importance to “trapping your energy” in the penis while working it out (by keeping your anus tight/kegeling). The basic stretches for lengthening go like this: rub the glans until you get an erection. Get a good one, nice and hard. Laying on your back, inhale (drawing your energy into your penis), and grasp the penis tightly as low on the base as you can go. You then keep a tight grip and slide your hand up your dick (dry jelq) but only about an inch or so. You then take your pecker and beat it against your left thigh 36 times. You then repeat this on the right thigh. Then you keep the same kind of grip and rotate the dick clockwise and then anti-clockwise for 36 rotations while pointing left, right, up, down, and center. Make sure you PULL AWAY while rotating and while beating on the thigh. I do the whole thing twice right after my manual stretches. I find that this workout can really blast the “root” of your dick and that the full erection acts like a “lever” making the ligs quite blasted if you do it right. He says that depending upon your genetics, physiology you’ll gain 1” in 3 months and maybe more if you’re a big gainer. He also recommends soaking the dick in hot water for five minutes before and after this workout. His books are a trip. He’s all about seminal retention and turning your cock into a multi-orgasmic warrior and that whole trip. As weird as a lot of his stuff might seem to some, everything of his I’ve ever tried profoundly tripped me out by working and definitely making me feel more healthy, alive, and energized.

Thanks for all the encouragement guys- right back at ya’!!!!

As to my initial (and shocking) girth pop, I’m almost convinced that this is a “recovered” gain. The more I’ve reflected upon it, the more I remember that my dick actually was pretty fat in high school. Unfortunately, I was a mega grow-er in this regard and not a show-er so when flaccid I didn’t really look all that plump. My flaccid was actually friggin’ pathetic. I’m pretty sure that now that I’ve recovered back to my high school fatness, that my girth gains from here on out will be as hard won as anyone’s. Although I sure wouldn’t mind getting quarter inch per month girth bumps here and there, I think I’ll be sweating with the herd in the future and will be amazingly happy to get a 16th of an inch of girth every month or three.

As to russian and jordan and anyone else that’s in my same boat statistic wise, it’s funny, but it actually is reassuring to know that there’s other guys with similar builds out there *pulling for you* (hold on, wait, that doesn’t sound right-lol-)….perhaps pulling for *themselves* would be a better way to put it.

Anyway, I think we’re in an interesting subset of the PE culture for now stat’s wise because we’re in that gray area that is basically “normal”, but who probably caught some shit along the ride of our life for our dick size- especially if we were big guys with these dicks, had wimpy flaccids, or worse (like me) had both big bodies and shitty flaccids. Although I now realize that my dick was always fine and quite normal, all of the shit that I got regarding it which was compounded by the many chicks who expected more from me given my huge mitts and size 14 feet- well, let’s just say that I always *felt small*. A crappy feeling and a real drag to have toted that psychological load around with me all of these years. If I had only known then that I was actually o.k. (which I did not) I would’ve had a lot more real confidence growing up and not just the insecure pose I actually wore.

And Jordan, when you say, “see you at 7”!! it almost brings a tear to my eye. I think a “shooting for 7” support group would be a great idea. And I sure as hell wouldn’t mind a little friendly *race* either senor russian! Hell, even if you “lose” your still a winner because a little co-operative competition is unlikely to do anything other than make you work harder. However, I think the big guy is fundamentally opposed to the competitive thing so if anyone wants to do it we’ll have to execute it as a private PM’ed thing. Anyone into the “race to 7” idea PM me. Might be fun.

7 is a dream. At 8 I’ll have a hard time convincing myself that I’m not *hallucinating*!!!!

THEN: bpel 6.0 eg 5.0 bpfsl 6.125 NOW: bpel 7.375 eg 5.25 bpfsl 7.625


"Right now our only hope is in the hydrogen bomb." - Charles Bukowski

That’s all good with me Wantsmore - I think I can learn most from other 6 - 7 climbers. (And I definitely intend hitting 7” this summer whatever it takes.)

What, that you’ve told somebody not to *even think* about having PE competitions, no matter how “friendly”?

whoops! If that’s a correct answer to the preceding jeapordy question then please accept my flagelistic apologetics. Nevermore big guy!

THEN: bpel 6.0 eg 5.0 bpfsl 6.125 NOW: bpel 7.375 eg 5.25 bpfsl 7.625


"Right now our only hope is in the hydrogen bomb." - Charles Bukowski

Quite right Wantsmore man, I too am appalled at your suggestion!!

And if no contests, then can we at least form a club called the, “Six to Seven Climbers”? You know, secret handshake, password, rites of initiation, rites of passage, and rites of matriculation…..

THEN: bpel 6.0 eg 5.0 bpfsl 6.125 NOW: bpel 7.375 eg 5.25 bpfsl 7.625


"Right now our only hope is in the hydrogen bomb." - Charles Bukowski


I thought I was receiving a downbraiding for our suggestion of a race to 7.

Yes, indeed, 36 times. I even think he suggests there’s something “magic” to the number….something about your “third eye” or the “universe”. 37 would probably interfere with “planetary synchronicity” or some other such thing. It never ceases to amaze me, however, that when you take all the new age dada-speak out of stuff like tai’ chi, meditation, and herbalism it actually is quite useful and practical stuff if you don’t get to wearing a tinfoil hat over it.

THEN: bpel 6.0 eg 5.0 bpfsl 6.125 NOW: bpel 7.375 eg 5.25 bpfsl 7.625


"Right now our only hope is in the hydrogen bomb." - Charles Bukowski

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