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Twisting and turning, burning and curving

Twisting and turning, burning and curving

Hi everyone,

I have read a lot on the subject curving, but I can’t seem to find a solution. Are there anyone that have actually managed to fix a curve? I have been PEing for about half a year, and have always tried to find some way to correct my left curve.

I have used the standard newbie routine, and worked my way up to about 45min PE 5 days a week. I have tried jelqing against the curve, but that seems to put even more pressure in the RCC, and causing it to expand even more. Then I tried stretching against the curve, to put more stress on the LCC. I can then feel that it burns on the left side but still not targeting the right area, and lately my unit has started to twist a bit. Even tough that is not what I wanted it shows that it is possible to change a curve, and then there has to be a way to straitening it as well.

I was wondering if anyone had some stretching exercises or treads on how to target precise areas of the cc?

I read the article of deep heating, and did some serious heating a few weeks ago almost burning my dick off. I then stretched for about 30min while the hairdryer kept it heated. I have never felt such a stretch before, not only that, my unit hung almost EL the rest of the day. And my unit really likes to turtle. I wonder if this is what’s called plastic deformation, I’m almost 100% sure that I gained 1 cm length that day! Have anyone else had a similar experience? But it still curves, so now I’m trying to heat only the LCC hoping that it will stretch more than the RCC. Is this crazy? Or could it be something to it?

Hope some curve-fixers have a good solution to my problems

Hang on everyone!

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I hear masturbating can cause this sort of curve, and yes, I’ve been a notoric masturbater. But I’m sure I’m not the only one here. So it should be a common problem.

Isn’t there a single one at this forum that have fixed their curve, or have some theory on how it could be done?
I have read many posts of people that have had the same problem, but very few that have made good results. There has got to be someone here?

Please give some motivating stories.


What about regular jelqing. If you jelq straight it will put more stress on the uneven one and regular stress on the other.

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Thanks I’ll give it a try

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