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Four years ago I developed a severe case of Peyronies. I had a 90 degree bed just behind the glands and a bend mid-shaft. With both of these it was nearly impossible to urinate as well as any sexual activity was impossible. I read everything I could, went to see several doctors and all to much dismay. Urologists didn’t give much hope, doctors said they knew little. The reading I did made me know I was not going to do surgery so I decided to lick this the best way I could. I got a good penis pump and tube and started that way. With constant slow low pressure I straightened the bend behind the glands, the one mid shaft is nearly striaght after 4 years of working at it. Jelqing became a daily thing and you do anything you can to help get the bend out. Part of the problem is the build up of plaque in the inside of penis. This plaque is hard and leaves scar tissue. Where the scar tissue is you have a shortening of the penile shaft. I have worked the plaque out till there is just small amounts still there, amounts the size of a small pea. The good news, I am back totally functioning, sex is great and no pain at all in ejaculation. Bad news is I have lost about 1 1/2 inches in length. Good news, I have increased the girth quite considerable and have good flacid length but over all errectionlength is still shorter than before. My question is while I think that you can increase penis size with jelqing and jelqing defitely increses the glans and gives a good mushroom head, you still don’t get much length. It is the tunica that was damaged with this Peyronies issue. How do you streatch the Tunica? That is the big question. Anyone out there have some answers?

Now, here is the advice I give. When this happened I was 57. It happened becasue I had let my penis get out of shape. Bottom line is it is a muscle too and needs to be kept in #1 shape. Keep Jelqing, keep that blood in there. At the time the peyroneies hit me my errections were not hard, rock hard. Now after 4 years of getting this part of me in shape, I have rock hard errections, can keep going sexually over and over; wake up every mornming with a good hard errection and am thankful for great gains. Still want that length back, so anyone out there with help, let me hear from you.

Oh, want to know about Peyronies, little is known. Mine came from having kidney stones and the urologist that did the procedure was not careful and damaged the penis when he was going after the stones. So, if you have some problems make sure your urolgist knows what he is doing. Mean while keep up the exercises. Thanks for listening….Iowa

Welcome aboard !!!

Hey Iowa,

Excellent first post and thanks for deciding to share it with us. Hopefully the guys will come up with some ideas on getting that length back for you. Have you considered hanging at all?? I am a little fearful of suggesting anything really, I just don’t know what will benefit you and what may not.

Congratulations on not letting the Peyronies or the medical community have the last word. Excellent work!! Get ready for a lot of questions about your routine and what you believe was the most effective part of it.

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No, have not tried hanging. Been wondering about it. What I read is that this tunica is hard to stretch, but again, I am listening to what others can tell me. I do manual stretching daily and the V stretch to work out the plaque. That is a daily routine. Recently had a physical and Dr. was amazed at the recovery I have obtained. He checked the plaque and while it was still there the small amount left is not noticeable. I still have some constriction midshaft but after and with jelqing it is going away too.


I am a hanger and I advise that for your situation. If done properly I feel it’s safer than manual stretching, including V-stretches. I can tell you that retrieval of that lost length is entirely possible. I am in fact making gains that I find almost hard to believe at this point, but the ruler is not lying. And the unbelievable thing is that I am doing it at relatively low weights (weee!).

Hanging, unlike jelqing (or in this case light jelqing) is only a temporary phase of PE. So it’s not like a lifetime commitment, unlike the aspects of PE that we would want to continue indefinitely (the health maintenance).


I too have Peyronies. What a curse! Unlike you, I haven’t been able to work out the plaque, and would be interested in knowing exactly what you did. I started jelqing about two years ago, and that really helped the pain go away, but I still have the damn plaque. It’s about 1” long and sits like a saddle on top of my penis.

I started hanging about two months ago and have recovered 1/4” so far. That’s the good news. The bad is when I tighten the Bib hanger, my penis twist so there is pressure on the top of the head. A big no no. I have lost some sensitivity, and in fact emailed Bib just today to see if he had any advise.

If your plaque wouldn’t cause a problem, hanging I’m sure would be the ticket.

Look forward to hearing from you and good luck.


thanks for the report lwh…I will try hanging some weight. I am not sure how it is done but can surely try. About getting rid of the plaque. Just keep working that hard knot of stuff out.

Streatch and do whatever it takes to work it away. I have been four years at it. I still have some but the pain is totally gone and the functionability of the penis is back to normal. Jelqing has been the best success as it gets the blood going and keeps the penis in good shape. I was told to keep on vitamin E and I think there is some sense in this as it is a blood thinner. Keep doing those V stretches as that seems to make the tunica more flexible. When you say that the plaque is on the top, is that mid shaft or where? I have two areas, right at the end in the glans area and one lower midshaft. The plaque is not painful at all, in fact I don’t know I have it. Do you have a constriction or narrowing where the plaque is? I do at midshaft and I am not sure I will ever get rid of that. Send me a private message and I will get in touch with you. Iowa

Buster, give me some instruction on this hanging business. I have read some things but don’t know anything. Been thinking, how do you attach any weight? I have seen the loop some use but don’t want that. How much weight and how long. Would appreciate any advice etc. Want to get that length back. Thanks, Iowa


First I would go to the FAQ Forum and use the PE FAQ link found there. Read through that FAQ, especially the part on hanging. That will get you in the ballpark.

Then you’ll want to look at a few areas and determine what you are comfortable with, and how you’d like to attack those areas. Some of them are as follows:

1) Your availability to hang - privacy?

2) Time in your personal schedule for AM/PM sessions?

3) What hanger and weights to use?

4) Routine you’d like to try (basically, your on/off routine)?

To help you with these areas, first look at the FAQ section on hanging (and WARMUPS!!), the go to the two links at the bottom of this page - Bib’s Hanger site and Tom Hubbard’s Penis Workshop. Familiarize yourself with their information and hard-earned knowledge. You’ve got some reading and re-reading to do, but these *are* the guys to learn from.

Spend time reading in the Hanger’s Forum and researching old threads of subjects that you are interested in (ie., wrapping, hangers, tractionwrap, etc.).

After you’ve done all this, then come back online and we can talk particulars. You’ll be ready to roll, then.

The above-stated advice stands for ALL who are interested in hanging. This is the way to approach your own personal routine!

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