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Hi there,
Been reading about negative pis and positive..
Can anyone explain to me what turtle.or turtling means as it’s not in the glossary


Turtling is when your flaccid size shrinks down to a little nub.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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I believe it’s when your penis shrinks back in its flaccid state, much like how a turtle pulls its head into its shell. That can happen if you are over training.

It’s when your penis gets cold or scared and wants to crawl back into his hole (turtle shell).

In other words, it’s normal in some situations.

Originally Posted by westla90069
In other words, it’s normal in some situations.

Yes, but after doing PE it could be normal only if he finishes his routine icing. Turtling after a good session of jelq is just unusual.

Curious about this as I am back to my routine and watching my PI’s closely:

How long after a session should you have a “hang?”

I PE in the morning. At first, I was doing dry jelqs in the shower, but I’ve switched to doing stretches and O-bends in the shower and wet jelq with lube immediately after stepping out and drying off (I.e. Only 2-3 minutes max break). After I warm-down (warm wash cloth), I start getting ready. My flaccid hang stays larger for a bit of time, but within 5-10 minutes I’m turtling, especially after putting my boxers on. I’m wondering if I’m applying to much pressure in my jelqs.

Start: BPEL: 5.25" EG: ~4.5"

Current: BPEL: ~ 6.75" MSEG: ~4.75" BG: 4.825" BPFSL: 7"

Initial Goal: NBPEL: 7" EG: 5" Long Term Goal: 7.5" x 5.25-5.50"

Mine always turtles after long stretching sessions, or hanging. I think this is a normal reaction after stressing old boy. It doesn’t bother me, because I’m starting to see better length measurements with an EQ of about 6” than I did a couple of months ago with an EQ of 9. I think most hardcore hangers refrain from measuring very often because of the EQ issue. If you’re riding the fatigue like you should be to make gains (length or girth) you might go a couple of weeks (or months)with low EQ.

If you want to measure, take a couple of days off and measure when your unit is rested.

I might be wrong, but my new strategy is to take it slow, and increase according to how you feel, but do something every day.

EQ is not important to me at this time, because I don’t have a girlfriend, and am currently being a hermit to save a little money ( high winter heat costs living in Maine!) All this hype on EQ monitoring may have more to do with being able to service a partner than actually making faster gains. I realize rest days are necessary to be able to perform, but I really think faster gains can be made with less or no rest days.

This should be good news to everyone that is currently alone if it turns out to be right. All us hermits that PE end up with 8 x 6’ers in half the time it takes other dedicated PE’ers! This is the current mind of ginzo.

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