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Help with stretches, gain and turtling

Help with stretches, gain and turtling

Hi there,

This is my first post, so bare with me if I don’t use the corret terms. I’ve been PEing for a couple of months and not entirely happy about my progress.

I think I might have gained a half to a whole cm erect but stupid as I am, I didnt measure correctly when starting. My stats are now.

Erect: 5.906 girth: 4.724

I’ve been using the newbie routine for one month, and then the linear routine for one month and now I would like some input.

1: Do I perform the stretches correctly?
I usually take a firm grib one inch behind the head and pull, but theres a big difference wether or not I pull back the skin. If I pull the skin back and just pull, at some point I’m pulling the head and thats uncomfortable. If I don’t pull the skin entirely back, I will feel a lot of stretching in the base, but I can’t figure out that being the skin or the ligaments.
Also, how long should I strech? I’ve started stretching down, left, right and up 30 seconds each three times, but should I strech for 60 seconds, or increase the amount. Thirdly, should I focus on one direction. I don’t think stretching upwards give me anything, and I should properly pull left and down for the side pulls.

2: I’m unable to measere my flaccid progress, since my dick keeps changing size. I think it turtles a lot, but lately the turtling has decreased in size. Should the turtling stop at some point. And should I try to find a point, like after showing?

I appreciate your help and information.

Actually yeah, the turtling sort of stops. I was a notorious turtler (lol), but since I’ve been PE’ing (which has only been about a month and some) the turtling hasn’t really happened.

I suggest fowfers to stretch out those ligs. I have a desk job and I spend about a total time 2 hours thru-out the day doing them and it has helped my flacid hang better.


Beginning (no PE) (6-30-08--7.25" BPEL, midshaft 4.6" EG) ** (7-1-09 -- 7.25" BPEL, midshaft 5.1"EG)

I have a quick question about stretching since this thread is about stretching in general. Is stretching btc good for just Flaccid Length? I wanted to know if it helped with Erect Length as well. I’ve tried doing the newbie manual stretch routine for a couple weeks and I just don’t seem to get a good stretch or grip as I do using the btc. Also now after reading about using the v-stretches I wanted to do them as well. Is this wise or should I try to tough it out and try to continue with the newbie manual stretches?

Starting up again on:2/13/10: 6 7/8 BPEL x 4 3/4 EG Goal: 8 X 6.

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I’m just starting PE, been doing it about three weeks and I am pretty sure that I’ve gained about a half inch hard and half inch flaccid. But it seems like after I do the stretches a couple of days that my penis tends to turtle and it seems like I have extra skin towards the head. Is this fatigue or am I stretching to much skin? If so how do I avoid this. Also after jelqing it feel kinda weird on the bottom of the penis just below the head where the sensitive part is. Is this normal? Almost like a numbing feeling.

Here’s a tip somebody else here posted a while back: If you wear boxers, leave your dick hanging out of the the piss flap (just be careful when zipping/unzipping your pants!). This will do a lot to minimize flaccid shrinkage. My flaccid hangs much longer ever since I started doing this a few months ago.

Man you guys, I am worrying a little bit about this weird feeling I get on the underside of the penis right below the head , I apologize I don’t know what this area is called, the sensitive area that you feel during sex. After doing PE it feels odd there, like not pain but like stressed. Its making sex feel weird. Sorry its hard to explain I am really hoping someone responds to the. I’m new so I’m sorry I haven’t quite got the lingo down yet.

Feeling much better!! Thank God. Still a hint of that uneasy feeling but definatly better Sigh of relief. Ok so I really feel like this was caused by jelqing, all that presure building up. So the question is what did I do wrong and how do I keep this from happening again? I’m new to P.E obviously and I’m loving it don’t want to stop but I don’t want an injured unit. This an awesome site huge huge help. THANKS!

All the way better now! Shoo-wee! Still Slowed down on jelqs and doing more stretching. I can’t believe that this really works as well as it does. My girls has noticed the difference just by things she has said lately. I haven’t told her about P.E. So I’m wondering what she thinks about how. . I’m suddenly bigger and thicker and rock hard. This site has definitely help me figure all this out. Too awesome!

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