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Turkey neck

Turkey neck

Searched but found no useful results. Noticed some the other day, how can I treat this while still maintaining my newbie routine?

I don’t know, but let me know when you find out - I have a terrible one I’d like to get rid of - I’ve contemplated surgery, but probably won’t go there.

Maybe it’s a Canadian condition? :P

There is a member on this site that had the surgery done and posted pics. Pictures weren’t that great so really couldn’t tell the difference(kinda looked the same).

Side note: I spoke to my urologist and told him my turkey neck kept fucking with the condom(keeps rolling up) even though I wore tighter/non-comfortable ones and he said insurance still would not cover it as it would be considered cosmetic.

This is definitely not a huge concern of mine. I would never resort to surgery to get rid of. I’m just looking for a stretch or something I can add to my routine or something.

Did you use the advanced search feature and search titles only? You should get a ton of results and many of those threads contain advice on how to get rid of (or prevent) TN.

From what I’ve read (what makes most sense to me), stretching the shaft skin (one hand must grip the shaft at the point where the turkey neck starts, while the other grips higher up the shaft) might help reduce TN.

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