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Tunica Stretches

Tunica Stretches


I have some of questions about Tunica Stretches:

1-What is the best way to do them?

2-Where should i grab my penis, just below the glans or a little into the shaft?

3-Do tunica stretches compromise girth? Does you penis get longer but thinner or it just get longer keeping it´s current girth?

4-It´s a 1 minute stretch followed but a 30 second rest, repeated 5-6 times a good idea? Is it too little? I plan on adding a couple of minutes every week. It´s that ok? I prefer to start on the safe side.

Thanks for your time



I’ll try to provide you with some answers bro.

1) If you have determined your LOT, anything that is a stretch above your LOT will place most if not all of the stress on the tunica.

2) Whichever way feels best to you. If you grab further down the shaft, make sure you are not stretching skin though.

3) You should not lose girth when stretching the tunica. I would think that the microtears generated through tunica stretching would possibly facilitate an increase in girth (in the area they are taking place) if anything.

4) Sounds fine, however if you don’t feel like you’re penis is getting worked enough with each session, I’m sure you could stand to increase to 10 1-minute stretches without compromising the safety of your routine.

Hope this was at least somewhat helpful.

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