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Small tunica big penis, big tunica small penis.


Small tunica Big Penis, Big Tunica Small Penis.

So I hung to much weight causing peyronies all along the septum (the part right in the middle of the penis right above all the blue stuff it makes an upside down v, it’s in the attachment) to grow and get hard, it’s like a metal cable right above my corpus spongiosum and it’s very unusual. I have lost all my girth due to this, my penis is incredibly skinny and it makes me depressed. See as the penis expands the tunica acts as a skeleton stopping the penis from expanding past it. So basically the smaller the tunica, the bigger the penis and the bigger the tunica, the smaller the penis. The tunica which covers the penis is also composed of 5% elastin meaning it stretches a little but because of what I did my tunica doesn’t stretch much and my penis can’t expand past the entire focal length of the septum which now is huge and hard.

I have a diagnosis from two doctors and ultrasound pictures of the cross section to prove it. The problem is that 99% of peyronies is a single mass like a lump. You almost never see plaque that runs the entire length of the penis IE overhanging, stupid I know Mia culpa. Anyways now we don’t know what to do about it surgery is looking like the only option, problem is they don’t know how to approach it. I think they should pry open the three tubes, separate them right before they reach the head and either grate the septal cable like plaque or preferably cut it out. But the problem is how do you cut out something that runs the entire length of the penis and replace it. What do you replace it with, I’ve heard of using a synthetic tunica but I don’t know where or how to grow one or get one. I’ve also heard that human dura works but again I don’t know where to find one that is long enough. Please if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please Id appreciate it I’m getting desperate here. Thank you for reading this long cry for help.

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Maybe a pic of your penis would help more, bro. Your Doctors confirmed that you have scar tissue, but is it Peyronie for sure? I mean, if hanging has caused that scarring, chances are that it will go way by itself with time if you don’t have a disease. How much time ago your injury happened?

It’s not the scarring that bothers me, see the tunica got inflamed, way bigger and harder so that my penis wouldn’t tear under the pressure of using too much weight at once, but that physiological reaction inadvertently shrunk my penis significantly. It took a year and a half to diagnose. A picture wouldn’t really help because it’s all internal, my penis twists but there is no bend caused by a single giant lump or mass. Peyronies is diagnosed as an unusual change in the tunica of the penis.

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I’m not really understanding what you say
“Peyronie’s Disease (also known as “Induratio penis plastica”[1]) and more recently (CITA) Chronic Inflammation of Tunica Albuginea, is a connective tissue disorder involving the growth of fibrous plaques[2] in the soft tissue of the penis affecting 1-4% of men. Specifically the fibrosing process occurs in the tunica albuginea, a fibrous envelope surrounding the penile corpora cavernosa causing an abnormal curvature of the penis”

‘The bigger the tunica the smaller the penis’..don’t know, maybe I’m missing something. I’ll repeat, what your Doctors precisely said? ‘You have Peyornie’s disease’?

Yes I have peyronies disease. A rare form of it where the whole tunica top to bottom is full of plaque because of over hanging.

The thinner and stretchier the tunica the fatter the penis is where it allows the corporal tubes to expand. The opposite works in reverse.

Still I have some difficulties understanding what you say. Don’t know about surgery, I’d leave it as the last resort. Maybe an extender could help, what do you think?

Originally Posted by camocan38
Yes I have peyronies disease. A rare form of it where the whole tunica top to bottom is full of plaque because of over hanging. The thinner and stretchier the tunica the fatter the penis is where it allows the corporal tubes to expand. The opposite works in reverse.

That’s difficult. So you’re saying because the fibrous plaque formed throughout your tunica, the thickening prevents proper expansion. And assuming excessive stretch caused it, then it’s not likely that any type of stretching/lengthening exercises will help. I’m guessing that the physicians will recommend that you wait it out a little longer in case it heals (sometimes it does) or suggest some type of experimental surgery to try decrease and thin the tunica out more (by removing/decreasing plaque) so that it can expand properly? Is that what is happening or am I not reading your post correctly?

Since it has happened along your whole tunica, how are they planning on doing that?

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How much weight did you hang and for how long? Did you use an ads after hanging? When did you notice the negative outcome ?

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Originally Posted by camocan38
So I hung to much weight causing peyronies all along the septum…

How much weight, how much time, how many months, years? You didn’t actually give us any amount of weight or time hanging, you only told us your diagnosis. Normally PE can cure this condition, so I’m left wondering what in the world you did. Perhaps understanding the cause of your state is your first step towards finding a non-surgical cure.

I’ve heard very few if any good things about surgery; it seems the majority of guys end up disappointed with most forms of penile surgery. In the case of peyronies, I don’t know though.

I’m also wondering how old you are or what kind of health you’re in. How do you know hanging caused peyronies?

Peyronies surgery always shrinks the penis from what I’ve read. Try an extender at medium tension for longer time?

Since peyronies is a plaque buildup, wouldn’t jelquing logically help people? I have read ADS / Extenders help a lot, but I still wonder why jelqing + kegels wouldn’t be a first choice, since that would appear to address things directly?

Ads or extenders , I also think would be good, along with plenty of heat.

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Jelqing would always be a good idea as long as it’s done correctly.

The thing about penis surgery shrinking your penis only applies I think when when you have a bend and you have to straighten the penis by shortening it.

Now I’m 22 years old I’ve been PEing since I was 17 and maxed out at 7 inches and frankly was never concerned about my girth because my penis was pretty much as fat as my wrist. I was made fun of in an Italian summer camp because I turtle, a curse Mediterranean men will never have to go through. Well anyways long story short people were saying I had a small penis and the girls were the worst part they treated me like I was less than scum like a crippled dog belonged there more than I did like I was a joke. I couldn’t handle it anymore so on the last day I just walked around the dorm with a boner one morning and that pretty much shut everyone up, but I was horribly traumatized by that experience it was 2 weeks of intense paranoia and feeling like a subhuman.

I came on thunders just for permanent flaccid length gains and I almost achieved them. My penis had been through allot over 5 years and I thought well I can do this so I hung some 12 pounds for an hour a day. However at the time I also had an undiagnosed testicular infection that hurt like hell and a weakened immune system because I broke my leg. I had the infection for a year and as soon as I took antibiotics the pain was gone, but not before what I think was the real cause of the peyronies, the infection! Was given an opportunity to manifest in my tunica.

The doctors currently don’t know what to do, right now were thinking go in and grate the damn thing but that seems like a bad idea to me because some of it extends upwards towards the middle in between the two main vessels. How do you grate that part?

This completely changes things—what you said in your first post implied a different story to me. Anyway, sorry to hear about your peyronies condition. Good luck recovering.

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