Trouble with learning how to jelq

Hello there!

I started light PE about a month ago - I went for about 2 weeks, took a week off due to a week-long camping trip (and alcohol), and started back up about a week ago.

Here’s my problem: I have no PI’s. No increased flaccid, no increased/decreased EQ, I’m turtling the same amount, no morning wood (I rarely got it before), etc..

I’m a 24 year old male. My routine consists of 10 min warmup, 5 min manual stretches, 10 min (dry) jelqing, and a 10 min warm down. Basically, the newbie routine.

I’ve tried jelqing light, I’ve tried jelqing hard - I’ve tried wet jelqs, I’ve tried them standing, sitting, and lying down. I know jelqing is kind of a “keep trying until you do it right”, but I’m not sure what else I can try. I don’t feel I’m making any improvements whatsoever, and I want to take things slow, but it’s discouraging not to see any PI’s, positive or negative.

Any input would be appreciated. Should I keep at it at hope for the best?