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Trouble Stretching *Uncircumsized"

Trouble Stretching *Uncircumsized"

Hey Guys,

I been here for a long time and recently picked up PE again. I had minimal gain the first time around (lasted about 3 months) but hopefully this time things will be better. I believe alot of the problems I am having are because I am uncut. I have so much trouble hanging (glans turning cold and dark), then I decided to just do manual stretches for now. I watched the video and read numerous FAQs on it but my hand keeps slipping off the glan whenever I pull. I am also using baby powdner but it’s not really helping. Should I first pull my foreskin back and then grab behind the glan and pull or leave foreskin covering glan and pull? I get a better grip with foreskin back but I am putting lots of pressure on my glan. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

I am uncut too; I just slightly pull the back on the skin on my shaft like in the videos then grip just before the glans and pull. I’ve never had my hands slip off the glans. I just do it like in the videos, it works for me. I know I haven’t been of any help but I just thought I would tell you that I do the same thing I saw in the video.

I’ve found the only way for it to work for me is to have the head covered, then rest my index finger just behind the head on the bottom, and put my thumb in the middle of the head on top. It might not be the most orthodox way, but it’s the only one I’ve used to far that worked.

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Originally Posted by D-Alpha
I get a better grip with foreskin back but I am putting lots of pressure on my glan. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

That’s the way I stretch with the foreskin back. I grip just behind the glan.


Yeah I see to have trouble with stretching as well, I stretch by how they’ve done it in the videos, but I seem to get a slight sharp pain in my glands after around 15 secs, I just started out so that may be the case, is it better to have the grip directly behind the gland, or have around 1 inch behind the gland, or it doesn’t matter?

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