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Transparent fluid flows from my penis.

Transparent fluid flows from my penis.

During sex with my girlfriend most of times I feel very shy because of this transparent fluid that flows from my penis. Though it causes no Orgasm nor Pain. Is this a sign of any sort of trouble ?

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Depends on when it flows. Is it all the time or only when you are properly aroused? Sounds like pre-cum to me.

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Actually I found it during puberty. But at that time it only flowed when I was going to masturbate. Nowadays whenever I am in bed with my girl, she feels it whenever she touches my penis (She asks about it a lot) and I feel it whenever I watch porn. Is this due to masturbation ?

It is pre cum, the body’s natural reaction to stimulation. It is a natural lubricant thai the body produces to make intercourse more comfortable and pleasurable, thus encouraging you to reproduce. Ask your GF to lick it off. She will probably like the taste. Licking your glans also makes penetration more pleasurable.

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Thanks man. Indeed feeling good now. Do you mean pre-cum is a part of sperms. I hope this will not make her pregnant. Will it ?

Well, this pre-cum can contain some sperms. So theoretically, she can get pregnant. It is not very obvious, but possible.

I remember reading somewhere that pre-cum itself does not contain sperm, but only carries it out if you have previously masturbated. It’ll be fixed with just taking a piss, however using some kind of prevention is always the best thing.

It means that you are an android.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Basically, when you get aroused your Cowper’s gland produces pre-cum to flush out the urethra to make it clean for when you ejaculate later. It also has the secondary property of being a lubricant, but most people don’t really produce enough of it for it to properly lubricate for sex. Some people don’t produce much pre-cum at all, and go their entire lives without seeing any; I was one of those people until I started PE. After a couple months, I saw pre-cum for the first time and had absolutely no idea what it was.

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Not all men have sperm in their pre-ejaculate, but some do. Better to not take the risk though and wrap your tool up ;)

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Originally Posted by raf33k9

Thanks man. Indeed feeling good now. Do you mean pre-cum is a part of sperms. I hope this will not make her pregnant. Will it ?

Not if you are satisfied with just a BJ.

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