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Too hard, Too often


I was the same way when I was young and now, at over 50 my wife is very proud that I get erect just from touching her with clothes on.

I would think that if the woman suspects that you have a erection this would be a good thing. Her pussy will get wet and she will want you even more. Tell her that she is making you hot. She will know what you mean.

You don’t run away from women with erect nipple’s?!

My suggestion is to develop outward self confidence. Also masturbate the day before and the day of your encounter. There are also de-sensitizers on the market. I’m sure this will work-out.
You could also watch more porn.


Even with being a little older (40), I still get hard everytime my wife kisses me goodbye, because actual sex is much less now. Don’t take it as a bad thing; consider it a blessing. Oh, to be 18 again and get a stiffie everytime the wind blew! Don’t believe the hype, men can be multi-orgasmic. Not sure if they can do it when we’re young, but it can happen.

I’ve read a lot here and couldn’t believe some of the things that people were saying about staying power, longer orgasms, growth gains etc. But this morning, my wife was in a ‘frisky’ mood and I was more than happy to try out my new equipment (only two weeks in now). I’ll tell you this; not that I felt bigger or more excited or any of that but my orgasm seemed to go on for about 10 minutes, no shit. And I think I’ve gained about a solid .5” or so BPEL.

I would think edging would be good practice for you. When I start with my wife, I tend to pre-cum a lot. I noticed this morning it wasn’t as much. I’ve been edging a lot lately, to the point that my balls were aching. Not sure why that was but if it helps to have the orgasm like I had this morning, I’ll keep at it. It really trains you to restrain yourself, even against yourself, which is the hardest part (no pun intended). Just masturbate to the point of cumming and then divert your attention to something else; bills, school, what’s on TV; whatever. Do it at least three times per session. Then just put ‘it’ away. Don’t give in (you know you’ll want to, and you’ll probably have to at some time). I think with a few of those sessions under your belt, you can take control of Mr. Happy and make him more happy along the way!

Start: 1-23-06 BPEL:6.0 EG:4.8 NBPFL:3.4 FG:3.6

ST Goal: 6.25 x 5.0

LT Goal: 7 x 5.5

Yeah I guess I’ll just edge more, it does seem to help gain better control, or at least better understanding.


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