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Tiring hand

Tiring hand

I been running the newbie routine for almost a week now. With harder erections so I`m convinced it works. I however have been getting a very sore thumb muscle ie: my hand gets to weak and tired to finish the full sessions has/does anyone else have these problems?:confused:

What helps me is taking a 30 second break every 5 minutes or so to shake out the hands.

Your harder erections are a good sign you are on the right track, but with sore hands, just be careful you are not using too much force.

Yeah, if you’re getting sore hands then you must be using way too much force.. Cut it right down.

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It`s not really my hand just the beefy muscle at the bottom of my thumb.I usually squeeze as tight as possible while jelqing:-Y

I do the exact same thing.. I really rest my hand up as much as possible during the days off of PE.

Do take a break when nessesary, but don’t worry about it too much. Your hands will get stronger. I have bigger veins between my thumb and index finger becuase of it. :D

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I havn’t had this problem to be honest but then again, I go to the gym 3x a week :P

PE trains the muscles of your hands.

Switch between hands while you are doing PE so it gives the other hand a rest.

My hands get sore, but they’re on the small side. I just take breaks when they get sore.

That`s what I`m doing now. I have a question though. I took 2 days off instead of 1 {I`m on the newbie routine} should I do it 3 days strait now?

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