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jelqing with one hand

jelqing with one hand

Prash again,

I can’t jelq with both hands - one after the other. I am totally shaved around that area and i use baby oil to jelq with. My problem comes in because the skin on the underside of my cock near the base where it joins the ball sac is too loose and get’s caught in the hand when beginning a jelq with ur hand from base to tip.
What i do: With the none jelqing hand, i reach around by back and put my hand between my legs from the back. I reach and grab my balls and the excess skin and pull them back so that the skin everywhere around my cock is tight. I.e. my balls are nearly touching my ass hole.

Then i proceed to jelq with one hand normally - do you guys think this technique is ok?????, because in theory if my other hand is not around the base of my cock before i let go of the hand which has just finished the jelq technique won’t the blood escape from my penis, thus not forcing more and more blood up my penis with every jelq movement?

Let me know guys? - i need to get the technique perfect, for maximum efectiveness.

I also heard you shouldn’t squeeze one of the nerves on the cock when u jelq or you will see no results - is this true? if so which nerve?

Use more lube and jelk with both hands if possible. Ignore the fact that you are pulling the skin a bit.

When jelqing with 2 hands I often slightly release the hand at the end of the stroke and pull back the skin as I create the new grip by making the grip a little high and then pulling back before increasing the stregth of the grip.

I’ve been jelqing one handed recently (due to injury) and though the pump is not as good I can make it quite effective by flexing and holding the pc muscle between strokes.

These are really newbie questions, could you post in the newbie forum.

I’m always jelqing with one hand. In my earlier days I could even make my dick full wit red spots jelqing with one hand, so the technique should work perfectly

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