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Tiny Balls


tungsten, check this out. This is what I do: phreakk - Help a brother out!

It really helps your balls hang lower and fuller and especially when you’re having sex, they can REALLY start slapping around. It’s a great feeling (for both the man and the woman) when you’re having sex and your nuts are slapping your girl’s ass, or from rear-entry positions, slapping the shit outta the upper lips area (and that clit).

At least that’s what others have told me. I wish I knew myself but I’m a virgin…fuck me PLEASE, anyone!! lol

BTW, I know I keep saying this, but WATER is the most important thing to keeping your area down there nice and loose. Dehydration is the enemy of loose skin and easy hanging of tissues down there, so drink AT LEAST 8 cups (glasses) of water a day, ON TOP of any other fluids (sodas, juices, alcoholic beverages, etc) you may consume.

Also, eat lots of good stuff, as I’ve said before…but if you really want your nuts to hang like apples in a grocery bag, lots of water is the best.


Thanks very much for the link and the tips. My wife is always telling me to drink more water (she always seems to have a glass of water in her hand).

I will also be trying out the skin stretching advice, the added doggy-style benefits is very motivating information!


Newbies, please take note that pulling on the actual balls and their cords can be dangerous if done too hard. Stretching the actual sack alone is the safest way. If you want to pull on the balls aswel you must be extremely cautious. A very gentle pull for a long time is much safer than a firm pull for a short time. You can stretch the actual sack on it’s own as hard as you like though.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

This time of the year I just throw a cup of water in the microwave and drink it like a coffee without the caffine. Here’s to big balls.:D

Originally Posted by xlmagnum
So…..false advertising?

guys don’t like it when girls pad their butt or bras. Pretty hypocritical if you ask me.

laughing my ass off!!! ha-ha-ha!!

Man I have small to medium balls, but they hang low. I am not old either. Once I hit my goal and get past my 1 year maintenance routine I am rewarding myself with surgery to remove my turkey neck and in the process raise the sack up a bit.

Whether my cock is big or small I want tiny balls. They make a small dick look bigger and a big dick look huge.

Twat: You seem to know a lot about Mexcian herbs :cool:

Actually, ball pumping will not give you bigger balls, but it does increase your scrotum skin, as does just about all PE, especially hanging. My scrotum skin volume has increased significantly since I began this madness.

The good news is, as someone already mentioned, a loose baggy scrotum tends to let you dick hang rather than point. So from an aesthetic point of view, keep pulling on it boys.

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No Nukes

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali does that for me… specifically LJ100 extract start with 50 - 100mg and escalate the dose up to 750mg over 3 to 4 week period…

Balls working is important not size

Keep Smile

It is Tax Free

Pumping doesn’t really give much in terms of permanent growth so far as my research shows but it give *DRAMATIC* results in the short term for a few hours. The problem with increasing the size of one’s balls (an honourable endeavour by the way) is that they are masses of tiny tubes not a spongy cavern like the penis or a group of muscles like 80 percent of our other organs.


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