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Time To Up Routine

Time To Up Routine?;

Hi guys I have been doing my routine straight for about 1 Month now and am starting to feel as if my penis isn’t getting worked hard enough.

5 Min warm up
3 Sets Stretches
Internal Penis Stretch
3-5 Second Jelq 5-10 Minutes
5 Warm Down

Rest days are 1 day off 2 days on

Do you think Just double my routine or should I add new exercises? Any tips will help.

Thanks For All Your Help

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What the heck is an “Internal Penis Stretch”?

I wouldn’t advise you to double the routine that would be too much.

Internal Penis Stretch Is when you pull from BTB(Behind the balls) and on the penis outwards from your body so it pulls on the internal penis.

Thanks For All Your Help

Hadn’t heard that before Thanks carlos11. With only one month under belt I’m hesitant to tell you to add another exercise. Maybe up the workout but gradually. One more set of stretches plus another 5 minutes of Jelq. Have you or are you experiencing gains? If you’ve gained and are continuing to gain then I’d just stay with your present routine and not worry about you penis not being worked out hard enough. I’m a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix” guy.

I was gaining but now I am not

Thanks For All Your Help

When I started out I gradually added 25 jelqs or 5 Squeezes following every other off day. The first squeezes I did were Ulis and Sadsak head girth, I do not think they are very high impact, but they gave me great results.

I do agree with Cock Kent, Doubling up is probably going to be a little much overnight, but over 2 months If you gradually increased to double your routine, I think you would have the conditioning to handle it.

Good Luck!

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