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Time to hang

Time to hang

Hi everybody, I restarted PE after some physical problems (got surgery).now it has been four weeks with the newbie routine. I’d like to ask you if this could be the right time to start to hang or if my penis has to be more conditioned.

My advice is to take more time on the newbie routine. My personal opinion is stick with the newbie routine for a couple of months and begin to add to that longer times and more advanced manual stretches, jelqs, etc.

Then perhaps after about 6 months or so, you can look into adding hanging.

I didn’t begin hanging until after 1 year of manual exercises and some moderate pumping. Good solid base and conditioning before beginning hanging.

PE is a marathon not a sprint.

Do you have a hanger currently? If so, go ahead and give it a whirl to see if you even like it.

If you don’t have a hanger, there are plenty you can make to see if you like hanging before investing in a commercial model(Bib, Redi).

I really don’t know if you are conditioned or not, I would be speculating. I hope your physical problems are better and I wish you luck in receiving a larger cock.

Thank you Toolguy and Mr. Nine. You’re right, I know I must take it easy and do not rush, but I guess I’m one of those impatient new PEers.

I do not have a hanger, I was thinking I could try to build one myself.anyway, not for now.

You guys are much helpful, wise, and inspiring.

I do not know what physical problems arised to require surgery but hanging can be started at any time. Just start out with no more than 5lbs and start experimenting with the apparatus for the ideal comfort. It will be a “trial and error” procedure at first but you will dial it in over a couple of weeks.

Just be patient with the amount of weight and do not get anxious to set new world records. It can be a pleasurable and rewarding process if one moves slowly with the regiment.

Banned for posting bullshit again - previously Salvo

Cirolli, have you made any gains at all using the current newbie routine? If so I would definitely put off hanging for at least another 2 months or so or until gains cease to appear.

8/14/05 ---> 11/18/05 -> Next goal

5.500" ------> 6.000" -----> 6.500" BPEL

3.938" ------> 4.125" -----> 4.500" EG

Thank to all of you.I think I’ll keep on manual stretching and jelqing still for some time (at least the time to build a hanger) and then I’ll give it a try

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