Time for an update Disappointing

Alright everybody I figure that since I haven’t posted in a while it’s time put up a little update and let you all know how things have been progressing. It’s a good thing that I kept a “Progress Log”. It’s a little book where I document my PE exercises and other workouts, tracking my progress. On Nov 29 I began PE, during which I was a smoker. I quit smoking on Dec 5Th. I kept doing PE until Dec 13, after which I stopped because of lack of discipline! *Kicks himself* Anyhow, I took up smoking again on the 18Th of Dec and have been smoking ever since. I, however, am quitting cold turkey today (Jan 8Th) and plan on beginning to start PE again either tonight or tomorrow. During my 2 weeks of PE I noticed that my erections were much harder and I noticed a small increase in girth. I also noticed a small increase in flaccid length. I have NO DOUBT that if I kept at it in a short time of 3 months I would see some significant gains. Last night, FULLY hard, I weighed in at 17-17.5 cm. Anyhow, my goal is around 20-21 CM and 14-15 CM. I’m not sure what my girth is right now but I know I posted my stats in my earlier threads.

Anyhow, this is what I really want to say to everybody, the newbies who are just starting PE and to the guys who have been doing it for a while and are getting discouraged:

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS CONSISTENCY. PEing should be like taking a piss in the morning. It shouldn’t be perceived as a chore, it should be a part of your daily routine to ensure penis health.

I look forward to beginning PE again even if it takes 1-1.5 hours out of my day.

Good luck with your gains everybody.

PS: I plan on posting some pics as soon as I’m able to go into that forum.