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Thrombosis or Hard flacid?

Thrombosis or Hard flacid?

I had my last serious injury over a year ago, in which I stopped and resumed my routine several times due to the fact that the issues would continue to persist. I can’t even do 5 min light jelqing anymore because of negative PIs. In one year these symptoms have been consistent: Low EQ, semi hard morning wood, no spontanous erections, no libido, hard to maintain erection, lost 1 inch in girth, erection, flacid. Oddly if I masturbate my pelvis/groin makes rumbling noises?! Also if I ejaculate my whole pelvis gets completely tense.

No erections without stimulation, and porn. No morning wood ( ie bulge), no spontanous erections, low EQ, no libido.

NO FAP (one week till now)

Weak erections just thinking bout tits, happens when lying on bed, can’t get or maintain erection standing. Morning wood slightly better, no spontanous erections, low EQ (10% better), libido slightly better.

So a ago year I used Bathmate, which I believe caused my Thrombosis I got a large thick gable like vein on my left side, which goes all the way from pelvis to my nutsack, I also got a smaller one on the right side of my pelvis. Actually whenever I get erect my pelvis gets tense which takes few hours until it becomes relaxed, sometimes I even hear cracking sounds if I raise my legs..

My flacid now seems less fluid, I believe for its a bit solid, in the middle like the tissue is hard or something.. Is this hard flacid or a combination of both thrombosis and hf?

I have a taken a week off from PE and Fap & pron ( I relapsed after 4 days, but I am continuing now on day 2) I see no major improvements and I can see this taking over a few years or even more.. My life is fucked from now on, shit. I havent even got laid and now I am stuck with permanent erectile dysfunction?! Oh god, I even lost all those sweet gains and will probably lose in this long long rest period..

Please, I need to hear the truth so that I can take of this in the best way possible. Please I need to know if my resting period is good enough, I thought taking 3 month break from PE and fap, but is it enough?

Your words; whenever I get erect. Now if you can get erect and ejaculate how do you have ed?

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55
Your words; whenever I get erect. Now if you can get erect and ejaculate how do you have ed?

As in getting erection and or maintaining it is lot of effort, counts as ED to me.

Have you ever taken 2 months off to allow for healing?

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55
Have you ever taken 2 months off to allow for healing?

No, the longest break period was one month and only a break from PE.

I thought about taking 90 days break from everything, but I am not sure if it will help since I don’t know the nature of the injury, if its a simple thrombosis, pelvic tension or something serious like hard flaccid.

Don’t you think that complete rest, if it is an injury, will help heal it?

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55
Don’t you think that complete rest, if it is an injury, will help heal it?

I don’t know if even 90 days complete rest will cut it, because I don’t know how extensive the injury based on those symptoms I have posted, that is why it would be great if a other user/s would chime and in and shed some light in this situation.

No one can diagnose anything over the internet. Their symptoms may be the same but the cause may be much different. Why not allow 2 months to heal; no pe, no masturbation, no nothing and see what happens.

I guess taking the 90 days break period is the most sensible thing to do. Yet is there any need for pelvic floor exercises, etc or taking aspiring, massage in bath? Or just do nothing for 90 days, that’s ok?

EDIT: After 90 days IF its get’s fixed, how should I resume my jelqing routine? How many mins and how often?

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Why not wait until you are healed and then ask. Keep coming here and read and ask but if you do not allow yourself to heal any injury can be permanent. The more you learn here the better it will be for you.

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