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In response to thoughts thread - I created my own subliminal Jelq mp3. Too bad I read this thread 6 years to late. I recently started a diet and semi -excercise regiment that had me shed 30 pounds and I need to kick it up. Anyways I finally, finally got into PE like I should and have begun jelqing 500 strokes a day.

I have weened myself off of porn, and well for a while the only porn I allowed myself to look at was while I was jelqing, once a day. Let me tell you I was the most dedicated jelqer who never missed a stroke for 5 days!

Now I’m done with the porn and images and I just want to jelq and grow. My girlfriend and love of my life doesn’t understand why I want to do it - says I’m big enough, and actually, I believe her. But I’m on a new like path. I’ve recently changed my outlook on life in all major ways, lost weight, enrolled in school, quit porn, and even managed by the grace of god to get my once stupidly and wrongly-dumped love of my life back.

With this new energy I’m completing projects, riding bikes, and doing things I haven’t done I years, and things I’ve never done before. I’ve even sent some writing recently that I sat in fear of writing for years, and then sat on for months.

All part of the changes.

In short, there are things I just want. Things I just want to do. And I have always wanted to DO penis enlargement and see if it really works!

In the past, I have bought penis pumps, TRIED to do jelq workouts only to get bored or too aroused. I wound up turning the workout into the spank Olympics or was just too lazy. I even bought the mayonnaise jar lifter from the outlet mall out here by me. I bought a crap-load of monkeybar”s stuff that creepily clogs up one of my nightstand draws and makes for long explanations. Now I have the patience to hit 500 strokes a day by hand! And NOT come! I want to do this and see if it is really possible!

I have dabbled in subliminal technology and hypnosis for the last 10 years. Ever since I was hit with a major life change, I was always trying to find a way to cope. I found I enjoyed reading NLP books and engaging in NLP, Hypnotic and subliminal suggestion, and I really benefited from it.

I shoulda just bucked up and prayed. But I’m down with that now.

I’ve had two major experiences that really prove to me subliminal hypnosis really works.

My first experience was inspired by a job training incident. I had to operate a cherry picker (or condor) and I was scared to death of heights. After a really embarrassing and draining week of training (where I almost went crazy trying to force myself to move the machine and not freak out,) I ordered a subliminal “no fear of heights” Cd. I put it on in my room on infinite loop and forgot about it (I had several extra Cd players around me at the time because of my personal experiments with recordings and affirmations). 3 months later, I recalled once I had been in the air for over 30 minutes, at maximum height, with another person in the condor with me, that I used to be afraid of heights.

Haven’t been afraid Since! I even went hang-Gliding in hawaii of the coast of Kauii last year (I won’t talk about the rest of that trip)! Shazam!

My second is a little more fitting for this forum. Well I live in Vegas, you see, and for a long time I was , ahem, single. In Vegas we have what I like to call, “running around butt-ass naked” clubs. In these clubs not only are you sometimes “required” to run around butt ass naked, but the real fun begins when you catch someone else who may be running or they catch you.

Well long story short my second long term relationship experience left me over weight (330lbs) and near death (two, two month hospital visits), so I vowed NEVER to be that couped up again! So I went to this club and I was horrified. I went alone, everyone was so naked and so having fun that I just new satan had to be in the back washing god knows what off his hands. I was paralyzed with fear. I looked like the lone bunny poking his head out of a hole in the ground after a nuke went off . Seriously. I was trembling.

So I vowed to have that changed. Having some success with the cd’s already and being already into my subliminal experimentation phase, (I spent like $144 on subliminal cd’s at the time) I went back to the guy I bought the “no fear of heights” cd from. I proceeded to buy 6 different Cd’s on sex and sexuality, each enhancing one aspect of sexuality, and put it on one cd. I’m talking every subject from sex appeal to sex drive, sex confidence to solving erectile disfunction. And looped it.

When The next naked party came a round. I was ready.

The rules: I had to be naked to get in the door.

The reality: I was big and fat and weighed 300lbs. Should I go, will I stay? Will I get laughed at? I can’t possibly run around these people butt naked! My willies too small! Probably shorter than my fat-pat stats below!

Long story short, I went. And I pulled the Full Monty. Not only that. But I got laid that night. 4-6 times I think. I talked to everyone, I made friends, I flirted, I started with a woman twice my age, eating her out infront of an audience full of people, then ended up as one of two males in a party of 5, then grabbed another big girl I saw to my liking and wore her ass out, the got stopped walking down the hallway and was made to eat pussy and have sex with a hot white woman about my age in front of a table full of people on a dare.

I made some friends that evening.

And my penis never failed. I never thought more than once “I’m naked”. After a while the towel they give you for the pool and sauna that I hung on my shoulder for modesty just got carried on my hand or put in a seat for me to sit. My erections were like pow. Only at the end did I worry because my erection started to fail. I was pooped. Literally, And yes condoms were used, for most of it.

That was the old life. I’ve been tested since. I think about 5 times or more, and I have a new life with the love of my life.

And I tell you these stories because I want you to know that subliminals work. And it feels good to tell another living soul (That doesn’t know me).

My girlfriend and love of my life knows and loves me and doesn’t judge me and doesn’t want in on that kinda stuff.

And I no longer want it either, because I want a new life and I what my new life has in store.

And there are some things I’ve just been wanting to do. Some things I just want.

To that end, I have taken Thought’s entire affirmation-dialogue about Penis Enlargement on the first page, almost word for word, and turned it into a subliminal mp3.

It’s mine. I made it for me and I’m gonna try it on myself and get back to you with the results.

But when I’m done. If you’re out there. If you or anybody else even cares. You can have it.

As soon as I can correctly use the forum search function to find out about the rules for posting links, I think I might post it.

I can’t sell it or deny you guys it. Because it’s not my words, but it’s my work.

Thanks a lot Thunders for listening to a guys who’s never had much to say!



Flacid Length 3.68 X 4in -----------BP Flacid Length 5.5 X4in. (I''m a fatso at 268lbs), was 305lbs

Erect Measurement 5.5 X 5 in.-------BPEL (wait for it) 7.0 x 5 in. (I know, I was suprised to!) Fatty, fat, Fatty!

Just started doing PE and losing weight. I used to say to girls "I swear there used to be more there!" I think I was right!

This thread is very useful.Also this works in every aspect of the life not only PE.. :)

-======Goal BPEL 9.5x6======-

Very interesting..

Thank you man for all effort.

Ok so I went a little nuts and after, still not finding the forum posting rules I deiced to post this. Kill it if you will.

The Mp3 Below is my own secret recipe project. If you wanna be a guinea pig. Give it a go! I would love some feed back!

What does it do you say? Well according to the aforementioned post topic it’s supposed to do the following things

1. Help you enlarge your penis with visualizations and proper jelq technique
2. Enhance your inward sexual communication - makes you comfortable with your sexuality and gives you mega sex drive.
3. Turn your erections rock hard and very responsive
4. The Secret! You start mailing me 5 billion dollars! Muh hu hua hua hua! No really, just your share of my 5 billion dollars!

Give it a try!


Use this at your own risk! I hold no responsibility! You hold all responsibility for using this! You agree to hold me faultless if you use this!

Just put the mp.3 on a CD or an ipod and loop it overnight in your sleep. You won’t hear anything!You CAN use it during the day, but don’t do it while operating heavy machinery or driving. Overall I have found the best results happen while you sleep. Put it on a cd or player and loop it and leave it on and don’t turn it off for 2 weeks.

In about 2 weeks or so , you should notice some changes. Whoila! No, you didn’t level up, it’s just Cd working. Give it a try and let me know what results you get!



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Flacid Length 3.68 X 4in -----------BP Flacid Length 5.5 X4in. (I''m a fatso at 268lbs), was 305lbs

Erect Measurement 5.5 X 5 in.-------BPEL (wait for it) 7.0 x 5 in. (I know, I was suprised to!) Fatty, fat, Fatty!

Just started doing PE and losing weight. I used to say to girls "I swear there used to be more there!" I think I was right!

As a professional hypnotherapist I will tell you emphatically that everything we do is hypnosis.

We are constantly talking to ourselves in precisely the way to get ourselves to right here, right now.

Either cooped up in a bad situation and gaining unhealthy weight, or running free.

A major part of my one inch gain in ten months is that I talked to myself in positive ways each day about regimented practice and discipline to do the execises and read the posts here and l earn as much as I possibly can about getting bigger.and I find as I go that I learn new things and experience ways of doing things that, at first, didn`t seem possible and couldn`t work.

But they do.

There isn`t one thing that has been achieved by huimans that wasn`t discussed first.inside one mind or many.

Not only is it critical to talk to yourself in encouraging ways, but it is important to use warm caring tonality as well.

I worked with a stripper once to be able to make more money in the club.

She was beautiful, but struggled because she had this russian accent that had hard edges to her words, and this was off-putting to some of her customers.

I taught her how to slow her words down slightly and let a smile come through everything she said and so genuinely care about the men (and women) she danced for.

She was so happy with the results she wanted me to come to the club to meet the other girls and help them too.

I politely declined as I would be too embarrassed.and maybe too tempted as well.

Interesting thread.

I really had a huge fallout in a disastrous relationship with a girl I thought I was going to marry, and have realized how unhealthy my mental aspects were prior to and because of the relationship (girl was borderline).

Since then, I have spent the last 2 months getting my mind in order, little by little, appreciating the importance of positive dialogue and my own self identity not co-dependent with this person.

I have also began PE’ing as part of the change. About a month in, but I am sticking to it!

Thanks for sharing everyone.


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