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Thoughts on faster girth gains - Inner penis workout

Thoughts on faster girth gains - Inner penis workout

One aspect of my PE routine that I haven’t seen much in discussion is enlarging the inner penis. When I read about members whom have had appreciable girth gains, I wonder whether those observable gains have worked past the base of the penis into the actual body.

Does the Bulb of penis and the Crura of the penis experience much growth in size with traditional (manual) PE, where most work is done outside the body, past the base of the penis? With dedicated PE, does the penis typically develop into a baseball bat shape, where the narrower handle resides in the body and the expanded end is the observable penis?

It stands to reason, to me at least, that a penis with a strong (large) foundation will have easier girth gains. Not sure about length.

One of the methods I’ve been practicing is gripping the base of my penis, kegeling, then pressing on my perineum. This expands my CS (and CC with less effect) well into my scrotum and into my body. After ten 3 second reps, I’ll move my grip further up my penis and repeat.

After 16 days of doing this (3 on 1 off schedule) my CS is noticeably bigger with most of my gains at the base of my penis. I’m also rounder because of this exercise and my PI’s have been good. I’ve added this to my modified newbie routine for a “Bottom Up” approach to girth, whereas the rest of my workout is focused on lengthening.

Here is where I need your guys’ experience…

1. First and foremost, has this already been discussed? Any good threads or search terms I should look into? Does this method already exist under a different name?

2. Does the Bulb of penis and the Crura of the penis experience much growth in size with traditional (manual) PE, where most work is done outside the body, past the base of the penis? Do the stresses of PE naturally cause these areas to enlarge on their own?

3. Are there any risks associated with this exercise that scream out to you?

I know this is lengthy and full of questions, but any and all insight is appreciated.

1) I haven’t heard of this really done before.Definitely not the technique you described. I’ve heard of people jelqing that area with a thumb and forefinger, and there’s also some people who clamp behind the balls which I think also increases there.

2) By bulb I assume you mean head, I don’t know what a crura is. But there are exercises which specifically can target head size. But it’s generally considered harder to make the head grow. I haven’t noticed any permanent head growth in ‘traditional’ exercises although when clamped it’s at it’s absolute largest and bigger than I could get it with a normal 100% erection.

3) I can’t see the risks being any greater than the standard PE exercises. When doing this exercise you say you grab the base and kegel. Do you grip above the balls? I’m just trying to get the image right. I think you get erect, fully then squeeze at the base and kegel and push on the perineum which is the right right bottom of the penis near the anus and that expands the CS.

I think you will need to keep doing this for a long long time to make any gains there permanent if that’s even possible. Even if you are successful having a thicker girth at that location, it will make it harder to grow length in my opinion and It’s not certain that it will help you to avoid the baseball bat effect because you’d be creating girth below the real base girth of the penis outside of the body.

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