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This is athletic training, for the Penis

This is athletic training, for the Penis


After reading and reading and reading I finally joined and am actively 1 month into newbie PE routines.

Why am I here?

1) dick is average (for real, go to Visualizer. Net and look at Mr Average (6 X 5) - looks identical to my dick
2) EQ is shot, got married 2 kids fuck way less than I should - and jack it off WAY too much so I am hair trigger now from PORN
3) ready to get back to the stud I used to be
4) Want to have threesomes and explore more in life - dick is a metaphor for all around improvement. Not done yet brother

My early thoughts 1 month in.

Intuitively, this is gonna work. Its just a type of athletic training problem. As a former undersized athlete that made it into the professional ranks from stubbornness, always had to train harder and be the over achiever . This is no different. Its a biological feature subject to response just like the 40 yd dash, bench, or vertical jump. These things take time, but if one is diligent - fantastic things can happen.

So where am I right now?

EQ getting better. Long way to go though.
DIet better, and blood is in my dick like never before- I can see full flaccid like I haven’t seen ever.

Used to never fight off the point of no return. Getting to the point where I can PE, not cum, PE, not CUM, PE and sleep, wake up with night and morning wood, and only cum once every three days, not 3 times a day.

My personal, inexperienced opinion is that cumming to much is a no no for newbies.

Blood is your friend. If there is blood is the dick, good things are happening.

So much to learn and I am scraping the surface of where want to go - excited about this.


6” non-bone pressed give or take.
5” girth ( not less, not more )
Pretty vascular naturally


7 inch non-bone pressed
5.5 girth legit ( no clamp, no pump - legit 5.5 )
Crazy mean muscular dick that looks good and just makes females say damn visually
Insane dick control - I mean Zen type shit. I cum when I want to - not before - or After. I become the master again

Thanks to Thunder for putting this together and there is a wealth of knowledge here. Amazed

My young son will be taught the way of the Jedi when he is ready and will thank me for it. But first I must slay dragons.

Good luck, Grasshopper.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

By the way the visualizer measures BPEL, so you are bigger than you think. Good luck I am pretty new to this too but have had a lot of success so far since november.

Good luck man. Sounds like you kinda see things like I do. Keep us updated with how you’re doing.

Start (Part 2) 10/04/2013: FL - 11.0 cm (4.29"), FG - 12.0 cm (4.68"), BPEL - 18.5 cm (7.22"), NBPEL - 16.2 cm (6.32"), EG - 14.0 cm (5.46")

Short-term goal by 10/07/2013: FL - 13 cm, NBPEL - 17.5 cm (6.84"), EG - 14.3 cm (5.59")

Long-term goal by 10/7/2018: FL - 14 cm (5.47), NBPEL - 20.0 cm (8.5"), EG - 16.5 cm (6.5")

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