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Thera Band Alternative

Thera Band Alternative

I think I have found a good substitute for thera band which I cannot seem to find in my area. In the exercise section of Walmart I found Athletic Works 3 Count Stretch Bands. I think I paid about $11 for the package which came with 3 bands measuring 6”x48”, in light, medium and heavy. I use a piece of the heavy band about 1.5”x15” as the last layer in my wrap for hanging. It alleviates most of the skin soreness and spot stretching of skin that was occuring before I used this wrap. It just distributes the force of the hanger over a larger area and is very comfortable. I think this is a pretty good deal for $11 and a lot of PE gear could be made out of these bands. Hope this was helpful to somebody. BTW this is my first post here at thunders after about 2 years of PE and I am happy to finally feel like I have something to contribute. Thanks.

Thanks for the tip. Your screen name made me laugh, so thanks for that too.

By the way, if that was your first post in a while, who’s been posting through your account for the past couple weeks?

I use an Ace Neoprene Wrist Brace, I went out yesteday and looked for the Homedics.. I didn’t find it at one store and I went to like 7. Damnit! I also bought some clamps yesterday. Go go advanced techniques!

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Well, this is the first thread I have posted. Sorry for the confusion.

It’s okay. ‘Just wondering.

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