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Thera Band

Thera Band

Hay Gentlemen, How is you all?

Would someone please advise me when you change your thera band wrap for a new piece.

I am now a thera band bandit. I use it as my 2nd wrapping and t shirt material is my underwrap.

When or how do you determine that your thera wrap length has passed its used by date? Do you feel your unit getting squashed more than before when the thera was new? i.e the thera loses its integrity (if thats the correct wording?)

Also my experience with thera used to be stuffed. I could never get it to work but now I can. It seems thera stops me from squashing my unit when I am cranking down the bib. It is definitely more comfortable to hang with t shirt material then the thera than it was too hang with t shirt material alone.

The colour of the thera is to do with the strength of the thera right?

And Have I read that guys use gold coloured thera or black thera as apposed to the grey stuff you can get Bigger to send with the hangers.

Does the colour and therefore the strength of the thera allow you guys better comfort levels?

Thanks in Advance.


Here is a chart of the relative strengths of the colors.

My favorite strip is a couple years old, well-worn and slightly more pliable than new. It was originally the tension strap for an ADS and later served as wrap for hanging and extreme Ulis. Gray struck me as being almost too stiff at first, but after breaking in is just right.


Thanks for the info and response.


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