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The Newbie Routine and Exercise Questions

The Newbie Routine and Exercise Questions

Hey everyone!

I’m planning on beginning the PE Newbie Routine soon once I get a ruler and tape measure to formally document progress, but have some questions relating to the routine.

Now the Newbie Routine as follows:
5 minutes of hot wrap warmup
5 minutes of manual stretching (ten 30-second stretches)
10 minutes of jelqing (two hundred 3-second strokes)
5 minutes of hot wrap
50 kegels of five second holds each

For the 5 minutes of manual stretching, I understand that I have to be semi-erect with some blood in the penis, but which direction do I stretch? Towards the erection?

For the 10 minutes of jelqing, I should be doing wet jelqing right? In that case, I want to grip the penis hard, but not hard enough to begin gripping the foreskin even with lubrication?

Also, after the routine, should I feel any pain or ache as a result of the exercising which will show I have done the workouts correctly? I heard some people complaining of bruising and the like but should I expect this?

Finally, the routine states I should gradually increase to 10 min total of stretches and 30 min of jelqing over about 6 weeks time, but is there any symptoms I should feel where I can progress quicker or slower or am in need of changing the intensity?

Thanks guys, I’ll document my current stats, goals and progress once I officially begin!

Don’t grip hard, especially at the beginning, learn to read your body responses (PIs) , and ease into PE and your routine.

Pain+ache+bruises are signs of overtraining. Take it easy with PE, what you have down there is precious.

At the very best mild soreness (a bit like after a good work out) is rather positive in my opinion. But you don’t need this to grow.

Learn to do the exercises properly and get yourself conditioned first. More work will not result in more gains, even more so as a beginner.

You have to be flaccid when stretching. You should mostly stretch SD and SO.

’ I want to grip the penis hard, but not hard enough to begin gripping the foreskin even with lubrication?’
I do not understand what you are meaning. Maybe you have not a clear idea of how to jelq.

About ‘symptoms’, have a look to Sparkyx Phisiologic Indicators thread. The best symptom of course would be increased size. :)

Thanks for the info on stretching!

About the jelqing, I believe I know how to do it correctly from looking at the quick start and videos, but my phrasing was a joke on that I’d grip the penis so hard on each stroke that the lubrication would serve no purpose.

But Walter5169 said not to grip hard which reinforces my understanding!

Also, are there any dietary advice when performing the exercises? I’d imagine it’d be good not to be on any form of deficit as the tissue needs to have something to repair?

Thanks for the reply!

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