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The multi orgasmic problem.

The multi orgasmic problem.


I’ve been furiously working out my PC-muscle, and I’ve reached a point where I can prevent myself from cumming,
But still achieve an orgasm.. The problem is after that initial rush of ecstasy , I get the same reaction as if I’ve cummed..
My erection complete fails on me and my arousal pretty much disappears too.. I need to wait for like +5min if I want to achieve an erection again..
I’ve heard of people preventing themselves to cum, while achieving a orgasm, and still maintain their erection..
So my question is how can you maintain the erection afterwards? Any advice would be awesome.

I can do the same, so I won’t be able to give any advice.

But honestly I would rather desensitize my glans so I can last long enough, because the idea of squeezing it back during the sex doesn’t seem really appealing and worth to me !

By the way is it even possible not to lose erection like at all ?


the same thing happened to me, I had a dry orgasm and I went limp. Usually I can stay erect, or actually ejaculate a little and still stay erect.
When you dry orgasm, is your PC supposed to pulse like a wet orgasm does? I was curious about this, as to whether I did not have a proper dry orgasm or if I have a lot more work to do with dry orgasms.

It’s simpler than you think: you ejaculated, but you experienced the retrograde ejaculation.
In other words, squeezing the PC muscle you forced the semen to enter the bladder instead of going out through the urethra.
Nothing terrible, since it will be reabsorbed.

I experienced it sometimes, and actually I don’t like it at all.
Not sure what the reason can be; for myself, since the ejaculation is caused by the contraction of the prostate (I.e., of the PC muscle), I think the most probable solution is you just squeezed the PC too late, when you were already cumming - only, not yet shooting.
To hold back the orgasm you should keep the PC muscle contracted far before that moment.

I tried that, and there was a time I could do it, postponing the orgasm as long as I wanted.
You know what? It was just useless. Since I last rather (too) long anytime, and since my girlfriend has anyway 5 times the orgasms I have, now my problem is the opposite: to come faster. :)

Work on a shorter refractory period instead.

Not sure how there, any ideas?

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

Originally Posted by WayneCider
Work on a shorter refractory period instead.

Often (especially in the last period, no idea why) I have no refractory period at all, but it’s no good this either.

Even if I maintain the erection, it becomes almost impossible to come again; sure, the ladies enjoy the attempt, but for me it’s more of a marathon.

For how to minimize the refractory period: I think it’s largely subjective, of course, but it’s a matter of training, too.
For myself, in the last period it happens often probably due to my new girlfriend, which in the bed is very ‘participative’; I can sense her aroused, and eager to continue. If you got a trained PC muscle, and above all if can train yourself to the point of being willing to continue (which is not so obvious: usually the orgasm bring along the desire to rest), then I think the avoid the refractory period should be rather simple.

PS; oh, btw, it’s strangely important also not to stop the ‘movement’. If you stop the odds to lose erection become almost 100%.

I’ve found that I can stay semi-hard/hard after the first orgasm/ejaculation to reach climax up to 3 more times. So 4 orgasms in total.
The penis goes through stints of hard and semi hard during this time.
As leviathan said, the movement must be continual. Faster, if possible. And the PC clenched as much as possible while these orgasms bring about feelings that a regular orgasm could never achieve. Call it ‘induced’ orgasms if you will. Very intense.

This method prolongs sex by about 3-5mins for me, it could probably be longer but I haven’t been able to do so without getting exhausted and HAVING to stop.
The good thing is that while your attempting it you’re doing fast, hard and deep strokes.
Every woman I’ve been with and done this with has enjoyed it faster to help them orgasm too. But if I try and do this when I’m nowhere near orgasm it will just put me in the “point of no return” phase, shortening the session.

I need to learn better control through a kegel routine but I don’t know where to begin.

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I do not clench PC at all. I consider that more a way to hold back the orgasm than to maintain the erection - maybe just because my PC isn’t strong enough? Can you push and maintain an erection just by the PC?

Anyway, it seems to me that my experience is completely different from Sacred; once I ejaculate, even if I can keep goin I cannot reach other orgasms so easily (4 in 3-5 mins??? You’re VERY lucky). Usually I go on for ~45mins/1hr, till the moment I lose my senses for the effort, 80% of times without coming again.
So, it’s just for her pleasure - and mine actually, cos I just love to see her exhausted by so many continuous orgasms. And feelin’ envious too, right.

I’d rather have it leviathans way and be able to go another 45mins+.

But then I can’t really describe in words what the 2yd and 3rd (and SOMETIMES 4th) orgasms feel like. They make normal orgasms feel minor. I’m talking spasms and other things that you would associate with a woman climaxing.

I don’t consider it “going again” with my way. More just prolonging the inevitable with a BANG for lack of better terminology.

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