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The Head is swollen

The Head is swollen

Hi, I have just performed 190 + jelqs. No pain, feels just like before. However, my tip of my head is quite swollen. No pain though as far as I concern. I have just read through the PI’s, and it mentioned that redness and spotting is neutral. I want to know if the head swelling up is a negative sign. If so, what could I be doing improperly?


Were you jelqing the glans? Your head does swell a bit when you do jelqs but your shaft does as well and it subsides a bit later. But you may have a longer flaccid hang the next day.

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Trace, its just a positive side effect of P.E. Do not get too worried man.

Take care.

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I alway stop before my glans while I jelq (at least I am pretty sure I stopped). I guess I got a bit frighten, because the top half of the glans (not the entire glan) lost a little color and the tip was swollen up more than before, as I recalled. (Although this is the first time I paid any attention to it since I am uncut.)

Thanks for the information

Originally Posted by trace101
Thanks for the information :D

Happy jelqing!

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