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Tens Unit - Electronic Stimulation to jump start Kegels

Tens Unit - Electronic Stimulation to jump start Kegels

I have searched for Tens unit stuff here on the forums, and found some helpful information, but lacking in some ways.

I have been doing my newbie routine, but I have found that I fatigue VERY quickly when I start the kegels. This could be , or rather most likely is, the reason I have had weaker erections all my life, and only getting a bit weaker as I get older. Anyway, to the point: I am trying to find out if using the tens unit can help jump start my kegel routine. You know, basically just to build up enough that I don’t fatigue as quickly (usually only 4-6 reps at 5 seconds each).

Has anyone tried electrical stimulation specifically for this reason? Has there been any success with it?


I used to kegel during my commute. After a few months I was doing a 20 minute kegal routine 5 days a week.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

So by that can I assume that you mean that kegels were not exactly easy for you when you were starting out as well?

Start with shorter contraction, and less intense. Take more time between contractions. After a couple of weeks muscles will have strengthened a lot.

Contractions caused by voluntary stimuli are more effective for strength than tens-induced ones.

Yes, I am still doing manual contractions, I just know that I am way behind the curve here, looking for a little boost in the first couple of weeks to get things jump started. I have read a few options on pad placement, have any tips on the most effective?

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