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Taper, Bat, Straight and Negative

Taper, Bat, Straight and Negative

Alright, I naturally have what I’ve heard is called a baseball bat profile. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, in any case, I want a taper instead. At least a straight profile if a taper can’t be managed. Any ideas? Does this matter?

Also, I’ve seen alot of pictures of vets and pros that have a negative curve. Is this something you have to deliberately work at developing or will it happen after a certain amount of PE? I really don’t want a negative bend.


I guess the shape of your penis is “good” or “bad” depending on who’s in bed with you. Anal partners may well like a taper or evenly shaped one, while vaginal partners might have more fun with the baseball bat shape. Most guys over-think this and fail to realize that the difference in width/girth between the different areas of their penis isn’t all that much and it’s more “how it looks” than anything. Most partners probably don’t care.

I assume by negative curve you mean one that points down instead of up. I don’t think that’s very often the result of PE techniques, but rather a case of being born that way or developing that way during puberty. An upward curve is supposed to be better for vaginal partners because of the location of the g-spot. There are a number of threads here about “fixing” a curve, but I haven’t seen too many who say they’ve been able to alter them much.

Does baseball bat mean you have thinner base girth than you do mid shaft girth, or the opposite?

What you said.

Ah yes, then I have a baseball bat cock as well as a negative (downward) curve

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