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Switched from girth to length

Switched from girth to length

Hey guys, recently I decided to focus on length before I go nuts with the girth so I have been doing a routine that consists of 15 minutes of stretching under IR lamp followed by 15 minutes of flaccid jelqs.

I must say the IR lamp allows me to stretch very far and makes for a good source of constant heat. The jelqs are at 25-60% erection level.

Anyways, after my first session I put on a whole 1/10 of an inch overnight, suprisingly, and have been doing the routine for a week now almost. My only problem is that once I eliminated the girth exercises from my routine (orange bends, 80% EL jelqs), my flaccid shrank a lot, mostly in girth.

I guess my question here is whether or not anyone else has noticed this before and what it may determine for my gains?

Starting stats- 5.9 BP Current stats- 7.5 BP, 5.25 EG, 8.13 BPFSL

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I’ve noticed a similar result from doing much the same thing as you, it’s probably just that your penis was getting used to the girth exercises, nothin to worry over.

Ocelet, you are probably experiencing retraction to some extent, this is mostly a natural response. You may find an ADS or golf type weights helpful, good luck on getting an ADS to work out for you. I really wouldn’t shy completely away from girth type excercises, large engorgement is good for the soul(it will keep the excitement of PE high). IMO, the concern over not doing girth work to do length work and vice versa is a little over blown. Full expansions help keep the determination high, you get the visual stimulus needed to continue P.E.

I would stay away from the clamping and X-uli’s while going for length, however.

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