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swimcap hanging

swimcap hanging

Hey guys:

I’ve been jelqing for about 2 months now, with a bit of a gain in length and width, and I started hanging about 2 weeks ago. Just tonight went from 7 to ten pounds and I’m pretty excited by how stretched out I’ve become. Hope it stays. I’m trying to do this cheaply and all home-made, I made my own powerjelq and am currently hanging with a swim cap. Question: How much more weight will I be hanging until I’ll need to upgrade to a Bib hanger? I was hoping to get to 6 inches (currently on the short side at about 5.5 bone pressed) with the swim cap, so I won’t have to buy the bib-starter.

I was a bit discouraged last week, but today in the john I pulled out my dick to piss and I thought, hey, theres more to hold onto down here!


I started with the swimcap method, and although I don’t recall very well as it is some time back, I wasn’t able to hang heavy weights (more than 10lbs, for example). However, Tom Hubbard, one of THE gurus, was able to hang more, so I would imagine that with time, patience, and going through the learning curve you could manage to hang substantially more.

Yet, IMO, a BIB hanger would be a worthwhile investment, as it requires less ‘management’ of the hanger i.e. having to roll swimcap, washing it, the correct application etc.

And yes, the first noticeable results will be increased flaccid.


I started with a swim cap and topped out at 10 lbs, anything higher than that was just to uncomfortable at the tip.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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