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Summer gains

Summer gains

Done w school and I’m looking to start PE. With the newbie routine, if I stay consistent, what kind of gains can I be looking at by the end of august?

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Did they teach you how to spell with this semester? ;)

What did I spell wrong?

Hard to say man. Everyone is different. Set a long term goal and shoot for that. Just stay consistent and don’t rush to try to meet a certain length by a certain time.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS


W means with. For the slow person.

Originally Posted by cf2990
W means with. For the slow person.

Text talk ain’t cool here. It’s in the forum guidelines.


Well, with your original question..

Don’t expect the world. You may gain a bit, you may gain nothing. Don’t expect an inch each way in a couple months.

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I think that half an inch in length and girth is realistic, if you put in dedicated work. And of course, if you don’t get expelled from the forum because you don’t respect the forum guidelines.

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