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Sudden loss of sensitivity in the glans has me worried. Did I screw up

Sudden loss of sensitivity in the glans has me worried. Did I screw up

Hi, first off I’m not really a stranger to PE, discovered it (and this forum) 2 years ago and made some minor gains. Then lost interest and kept doing slight sessions on and off to preserve.. And to my surprise when I measured recently I discovered that I actually gained some length gains just by doing that so I was encouraged to get into it again, seriously this time.

Anyway, I Didn’t have a particular program for my exercises as I basically did as much stretching and squeezing as my free time allows or until my dick feels exhausted whichever came first. I made some amazing length gains (started a month ago at exactly 6.9” inches and now I’m pushing 7.5” , but unfortunately no girth gains whatsoever. I also started doing “Edging” about 10 days ago.

Until 5 days ago I was having strong constant erections throughout the day and morning woods. But suddenly, everything took a nosedive and I began noticing that I’m barely getting hard as I used to just a few days ago (which is holding back my girth sessions and of course worries me.

The area around the glans and specially the Frenulum which was very sensitive seem to have started losing a lot of sensitivity to touch. Also, My flaccid state used to be in an almost constant healthy looking state of semi (about 20% or so) but now there is a lot of turtleing, even though there isn’t any noticeable weather change (It’s quite hot where I live).

A few things that might help

1- I’m 29, circumcised, don’t currently have a woman (and been awhile).

2- I’m not sure If it may have affected it, but I was doing very long sessions of “edging” hoping it would improve my lasting power, I would go for about an hour during which I also get a couple of “dry orgasms” and keep going.

3- I MAY have used overly warm water during warming up once, (I warm up by soaking my junk in warm water) , but there was definitely no sting whatsoever from the heat..

4- I was doing a lot of stretching (but no more than what some here do and certainly less than those crazies who hang for hours!). And about 2 weeks ago I may have felt a slight discomfort in the left Corpus, I stopped and massaged the shaft for awhile. Next day I noticed a slight tilt to the left while semi-hard. But that was a few days before the sensitivity issues started. That seems to have faded a little by now. I also remember that happened before when I first started PE a couple years ago and it kind of corrected itself which is why I wasn’t too worried about it.. But now I’m starting to.

Any thoughts? I really hope this is just a minor temporary problem. I’m scared I may have screwed myself over somehow

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Sounds like your unit is overtrained. Take some time off and don’t worry about it. Some of us here even had gains right after a break. Some think some decon breaks are necessary.

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I’m with Mike with the addition that you should think about how much PE you are actually doing and record it so you have something to go back to for review. Every time we change things the results could end with a similar occurence. Just a note for the future. Be consistant and be safe! Good luck and ease back on it in a week or so.

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