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Success stories of girth before length?


I’m quite a new guy in the PE world, as I started doing it seriously few days ago, but I think it’s different for everyone what kind of gains you get first, some people may get length gains first, other may get girth gain way more easily.

Personally I think I belong to the second category of people, I’ve been doing the newbie routine exercises for about an year, but I haven’t been serious about it at all, I only jelqed and stretched sometimes but that was it; recently, before deciding to join thunder’s place I tried some advanced exercises (as I thought my penis was at least a bit trained after an year of random jelqs and stretches) and I gained about 6mm in length and 5 mm in girth and just in about 2 weeks.

I know I gained more in length but girth results are always smaller, and I only heard of people gaining such things in girth in months. The same was for length, some people gain a lot in the first months, some need more time, it’s a very personal thing, I don’t think there’s a one-for-everyone formula of PE, it’s more about knowing your own penis and giving it what it needs to get bigger.

Wishing you some big gains! :)

STARTING: 26-03-2014 BPEL 15.8cm MSEG 12.5cm

NOW: 24-07-2014 BPEL 17.7cm NBPEL 16cm MSEG 13.2cm IT WORKS!!! :D

FIRST GOAL: 19X14___ FINAL GOAL: 20+ x 15+

Originally Posted by daniel85
Hi. I gained almost 1/2”in about 3 months and I did the Newbie routine (5 minutes warm wrap,5 minutes stretches up,down,left,right for 30 second each stretch,10 wet jelqs,5 warm down,100 kegels) 2 days on 1 day off for the first 12 weeks and after that I have increased the stretches for 10 minutes and the jelqs for 20 minutes and did 5 days on and 2 off. But did not gain much length.

Did you do the kegels while the stretching and the circle stretches?


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