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"Strike" at the wrong time

"Strike" at the wrong time

Last night I got trolled by my own penis.
After two thirds of a month now, I finally feel the increase in EQ [I think].
It seems that when I masturbate it gets pretty hard now, and it’s nice.
Yesterday morning I was at my girlfriends house and we had morning sex. Erection was really hard, especially because I was after a couple of days without ejaculation.
In the afternoon I was masturbating in my room, but gave up after my roommate entered my room twice (he didn’t really catch me with the unit outside as I heard his door open and hid the penis) but he found me very startled in a suspicious way.. Anyway that’s not the point - throughout the masturbation the erection was very hard as well. But at night as I was with my girlfriend again - I gave her cunnilingus, after that I got the erection back to about 80%, but it went kind of limp after entering her, then went back to 70%. After several attempts to revive it - 40%. [Rubbing harshly didn’t help, as it made me feel the pleasant sensation even though the penis was not very hard, and subsided back to 40% after stoppage]. This got me nervous but finally I managed to get to about 70% and continue sex.
This was very disturbing and even frightening. The girlfriend asked why did it happen and I said that it’s just because I got nervous or something but couldn’t explain her any clear reason for anxiety. She thought that it was her fault and I’m afraid that I didn’t convince her enough that it’s not.
-Why now penis?? Why??

So, is this phenomenon normal? Has anybody experienced something similar? What could I do?

A number of reasons, both physical and mental.

The physical reasons are fatigue related. Increased PE can cause erectile issues and sex with your girlfriend plus masturbation can do the same.

Psychologically, anxiety can so the same thing.

Most of here at Thunders have some anxiety related to their dick, and this anxiety can appear in the erectile issue you are describing.

Relax and enjoy your girl and be patient with PE and the issue will fix its self.

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