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Stretching vs actual jelqing

Stretching vs actual jelqing

I see alot of peoples routines.especially the gainers routines and lots of you only stretch 5 minutes then do maybe 400 jelq’s then stretch another 5 minutes

I personally feel bigger and that I’m hanging more after I stretch a good long time and just hold the stretch

It seems that stretching would help with length more as jelqing would help with girth? Am I right in that respect

I’m kinda a newb so I’ve been stretching alot and then doing the double C type jelq from the base

Stretching is my main length exercise and I quit jelqing months ago. The reason I quit jelqing was that I hit my girth goal and stretching gives me more length gains while they are easier to do.

Jelqing is both a length and a girth exercise but more advanced techniques like ulis, horses and clamping give you more girth gains while stretching and hanging give you more length gains. It isn’t bad to jelq but you don’t necessarily have to when you aren’t a newb anymore.

But as long as you are a newb use the newbie routine, there is a reason it exists.

They are mutually agreeably gainful. Actual jelqing would be wise my friend, I hear imaginery jelqing isn’t too effective. *shrugs*

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