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Stretch grip pressure: only behind the head

Stretch grip pressure: only behind the head

I’ve been having doubts that I have been stretching wrong all along, the way I do it is to make a ring with my thumb and index, put it behind the head then pull, is that the right way or you are supposed do hold the grip with your whole hand as if you’re pulling on a rope? Please see the attachment to see what I mean.

My problem is that with first grip I can do a great pull but the risk of injury (getting blood spots, blisters, etc) gets really high due to trapped blood, the second way is safer but the stretch is far less effective.

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Starting size:

Length - 6.5

Girth - 5

You are going too fast, slow down. Really no need in filling up the head with blood, trapping it and then pulling on it, you are rasising your risk of injury greatly by continuing that, you might want to take a another look at the videos or something.


Yeah I had the same question basically WantMoreSize


I had the same problem with manual stretches. I would always get bruising right around the meatus. I never figured out how to avoid it while still getting a good stretch.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

I always did it like the top drawing. Ok grip behind the head, with all the other fingers free.

Take your initial grip slightly behind the head. Don’t grip on the head itself. The head has to have enough blood in it to act as a “stopper”. Pressure can get quite high, which causes that darkening or bruising. Be careful and don’t pull too hard.

So how did you all deal with it so far? Am I supposed to accept the high risk of injury as an inevitable thing and stop PEing every now and then for those cursed bruises to heal? A couple of weeks ago I had a dark purple Blood spot near the urethra hole , it was about 1/2 cm large and freaked me out. Had to stop PEing for 10 days for it to heal (that was only after 4 days of my official starting date), and I just don’t want to have that again , so I now only do jelqs now and didn’t want to go back to stretching before knowing the perfect form for it.

Funny thing is that I can dry-jelq for an insane amount of time without any slight chance of injury, only stretches always held me back as opposed to most injury reports I saw so far.

How Do I know that I’m pulling to hard? I usually pull hard enough to feel it in the base.

Starting size:

Length - 6.5

Girth - 5

I don’t see how the second version is safer, I thought it would trap just as much blood in the head as version one.

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