Stretch feeling

Hey guys,

Just a quick question. I know the ‘stretched’ feeling is different for everyone, however as of late I tend to either don’t feel it anymore, or some time later (2-3 hours) when I’m just sitting and relaxing.
Now the first thing I figured out is that either:
1) My stretching quality has become worse.
2) The ligaments are tired/fatigued hence the feeling much later on the day
3) Gains are stopping, need a deconditioning break

Also, is it possible that for example I used to feel a good (the best from the set) stretch downward, but now that’s the stretch upward?
So a ‘shift’ in best working stretch so to speak.

Some background info:
Stretching up, down, left, right, straight out.
Doing these directions 2 times for 30 seconds.
Currently in week 10 of my routine (started from scratch)